Welcome to ABCU|8

We at ABCU|8 are a group of citizens and professionals, consisting of journalists, reporters, producers, activists, designers, promoters, veterans, moms & dads, brothers & sisters and much much more. We work together to create a better source of news than mainstream media outlets provide.  We seek to be the light in the swamp of lies placed upon you by the mainstream media and other bad entities pushing “NARRATIVES” your way.

We seek to place YOUR VOICE back in the narrative; as it should be. For long enough we have been told to trust our “News Outlets” only to be lied to by the people we were told to trust the most. We seek to bring balance back to news, liberty to justice, and law to order.

We use our words to make our voices heard. We seek only to ask the news to become truthful, or we – as our duty to the first amendment requires – will replace you.

You need no rite to write what is right. Right?

FACTS have no BOSS
Those who hear, Speak.
Those who see, Tell.
Those who know, SHOW.

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