There's no crying, er, spitting in baseball anymore. But why was it a thing in the first place?

When Major League Baseball finally comes back into our lives this month, it will look a lot different than the hallowed summer pastiche we’re used to. Gone will be the roaring crowds, the call of the hot dog seller, and the grunting of thirty or so grown men hocking loogies and slapping each other on the butts in the dugout.

Source: CNN, There’s no crying, er, spitting in baseball anymore. But why was it a thing in the first place?

Was Donald Trump Targeted By The Deep State From The Beginning?

Was Donald Trump Targeted By The Deep State From The Beginning?

by Anon

July 1, 2020

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Donald J. Trump entered the 2016 U.S. presidential race, and at the time many people thought it was a joke. Gliding down the escalator, he joined the crowded field of Republican contenders as a true political outsider. Once again, he made for good TV. We tuned in to see how the businessman would fare against seasoned politicians. We cringed and snickered when he said, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.” Even Hillary Clinton was amused. She wanted to run against him. How hard could it be to beat a reality TV star?

But the outsider’s message of Drain The Swamp resonated with the American People. On the campaign trail, he pointed to common-sense topics such as a nation controlling its borders. And he highlighted the unequal justice applied to corrupt politicians, in particular the gross mishandling of classified information on Hillary Clinton’s private email server hosted in her residential bathroom on the open internet. He was a breath of fresh air for the people looking for a straight-talking candidate. The people may not like everything Donald Trump said, but they intuitively felt they could work with him.

Donald Trump faced fierce headwinds with national polls predicting a 2% chance of him winning. As his crowd size grew, the objections did too. “He’ll be too close to the button and will fire nukes at North Korea!” And the old standby, “The stock market will crash if you support this guy!” Against these odds, the first-time politician won the presidency. Hillary Clinton was in shock. Completely dumbfounded, the establishment never considered the possibility she could lose. But the people weighed in and voted for the true change they had hoped to get eight years prior.

In the run-up to the election, Trump had faced accusations made against him in a salacious Russian dossier funded by the Clinton campaign. [1] As he was preparing to enter office, the machine engaged to smear Trump with a Russian collusion narrative and calls for impeachment began. Incoming National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn, was thrown into the mix when he asked the Russian ambassador not to allow the Obama administration to impede the incoming Trump administration. He pled guilty to lying to the FBI—a plea he later retracted. General Flynn and others involved in the Trump campaign were now involved in the setup, and the machine doubled-down on the Trump-Russian collusion narrative.

All of this came after years of Clinton coziness with Russia. Who can forget the cringe-worthy reset button Hillary Clinton presented to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, or Bill Clinton’s $500,000 speeches, or the Uranium One scandal in which the Obama administration signed over 20% of US uranium production capacity to the mining arm of the Russian nuclear energy agency. [2], [3]

But now we’re supposed to believe Trump —the newcomer who had his hands full winning his first political campaign (the presidency)—colluded with Russia? Well, we didn’t, and after a nearly three-year investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, he didn’t either. The Mueller investigation dominated the media for years, distracting our elected officials from working on behalf of the American people, and before it could even have been fully read, a new scandal came to town.

Enter the phone call with Ukrainian president Zelensky. [4] Upon congratulating the incoming president on his win, Trump asked Zelensky about “this whole situation with Ukraine.” Clearly becoming wiser to the true extent of the Swamp and finally being out from under the Mueller investigation, Trump asked Zelensky:

I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine, they say Crowdstrike… I guess you have one of your wealthy people… The server, they say Ukraine has it…

As a reminder, it has been alleged that Crowdstrike hid the DNC server in Ukraine—the one that was claimed to have been hacked. A weird place for a hired contractor to send your computer, wouldn’t you say?

We all know the Ukraine phone call led to impeachment and ultimate acquittal. But once again, the entire country was distracted by exaggerated allegations the Democrats knew would never pass the Senate.

The house impeached Donald Trump on December 19, 2019 but the Articles weren’t delivered to the Senate until January 15, 2020. An interesting coincidence, since this was the very same day the first COVID-19 patient took an indirect flight back to Washington and brought the coronavirus pandemic to American soil.

Trump responded by creating a task force led by Mike Pence, rallied American companies to quickly provide medical equipment to hot spots and replenish our depleted reserves, sent the Mercy and Comfort hospital ships to Los Angeles and New York, and shut down the country for several months to control the outbreak. And just as regions of the country were re-opening in a phased approach, George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis cop, sparking widespread national protests.

People took to the streets with legitimate outcries, but Black Lives Matter and Antifa showed up as well, deploying to major U.S. cities to create chaos, instill fear, and destabilize our Republic. These bad actors overshadowed the peaceful protesters who sought justice for the black community. Well-intentioned people have been exploited by a well-organized insurgency that is now active in America.

Each crisis arrived on cue as Trump triumphed over its predecessor: Russia, Ukraine, COVID-19, BLM, Antifa.

Let’s tie it all together by going back to the beginning. Michael Flynn served as National Security Advisor for a mere three weeks, but spent three and a half years defending himself against Russian collusion after a career of defending our country in the United States Army. The charges against him were ultimately dropped and evidence collected in his case was recently declassified, proving Barack Obama and Joe Biden had in fact directed the intelligence community to spy on the Trump campaign.

Could it be? Did a sitting president weaponize the U.S. government against the next duly elected president? Did the Deep State machine rally to attack the incoming president for fear of having their past corrupt deeds exposed? Is that what the last four years have been about? Russia, Ukraine, COVID, BLM, Antifa. Were these events orchestrated to hide the fact that an American President and his shadow Deep State committed treason in an attempt to hide even bigger crimes and an increasing need to regain power?

They say hindsight is 2020. Review the evidence of the last four years for yourself. And you be the judge.


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