Editorial – Why I Fight.


by Anon

I fight because life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are worth fighting for. The founders’ ideals were right in 1776 and they are still right today.

I fight because our world has been changed for the worse over my lifetime. The dark agenda behind these changes is plainly seen, in comparing decades-old memories against the present. Experience brings perspective.

I fight for nieces and nephews, and their offspring, who would probably hate all that I stand for if they knew what I believe and do. (They don’t know I’m fighting to give them a better world, to return to them a goodly heritage and an opportunity for something better.)

I fight because I sincerely believe “the best is yet to come,” and that by reaching out our hand toward worthy goals, we can bring them closer, for all of us.

I fight because timelines are in play, and our individual thoughts can change the outcome.

I fight now, with all of my breath and strength, because when of age for military service, I had little interest in history or God or country. I did not serve my country then; my generation largely succumbed to set of false, externally-imposed ideas.

I fight because hating your own country is a losing proposition. If you don’t fight to improve the homeland that nurtured you, you’re no better than an animal.

I fight as one who from early childhood onward rejected others’ opinions and conclusions, examined things objectively, researched and thought for myself, and then acted upon my beliefs, regardless of the personal cost. I rejected the easy path and the easy answers. I always shunned the conventional because it only leads to mediocrity.

I fight because I believe important accomplishments require hard work and sacrifice, that everyone has the same opportunity to succeed, and that success is largely dependent on determination and hard work.

I fight because I know choices matter: that when one sees clearly, and makes up one’s mind firmly to seek a certain goal, and pursues it relentlessly, one can exceed all expectations, triumph over adversity, and achieve great victories.

I fight because honoring God requires loving all of his creation and striving to bring all of it into his light.

I fight because virtue, and honor, and righteousness are not mere empty words; they are real, and true, and worth fighting for.

Because I fight, I took the oath to uphold the Constitution and defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I fight because experience shows that my efforts can strongly affect whatever cause they are applied to. So to not do my utmost, while realizing that my every push could impact the outcome, would be a failure of the worst kind.

I fight for personal excellence, and competence, and mastery, of any subject I decide to pursue.

I fight because both success and adversity have taught that you must stand up for what you believe, and strive for your goals.

I fight because you don’t want to look back and say, if only I had tried a little harder… how are you going to explain that at the Judgment?

I fight, and write, because the lies are pervasive, and truth is the only antidote to lies.

I fight because I love you.

Will you join us? Will you help us fight for truth? Will you write, show, and tell?