Cognitive Dissonance: The Deep State’s Last Stand?

Cognitive Dissonance: The Deep State’s Last Stand?

by Anon

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People are undergoing a severe existential crisis due to the coexistence—in an identical but impossibly incongruent space—of two opposing and competing sets of information. Both sets simultaneously claim a FACTUAL label, and both are presented by once-trusted mainstream media.

When “facts on the ground” do not match what trusted pundits (seen as “friends”) are saying, the traumatized human mind retreats into a powerful existential protective mode, compelled by the need to maintain even a false sense of sanity.

Friends and loved ones who have long trusted mainstream media pundits, believing them always truthful, are traumatized as it has become very clear, to the awakened, that MSM is lying about literally everything.

Those who continued to trust the MSM, those who cannot reconcile all the glaring externally-verifiable but contradictory “facts” with what MSM tells them, those who cannot fit the glaring contradictory facts-on-the-ground into the same mental space as the mendacious words of their beloved “pundits”, now find their precious but factually-deficient world view forced into an impossible contradiction. How can a trusted world view share mental space with outrageous lies?

They see only two ways to escape. The first will destroy their world view and change their lives forever. The second lets them to keep their flagging world view.

They could abandon their faith in MSM pundits (and along with it, their failing world view), and admit to existential devastation, and choose to see the truth. This would require admitting they have been lied to.

Some will cling to their failing reality at all costs, becoming completely and insanely blind to the obvious. Those whose trauma or fear exceeds their ability to choose the first path descend into cognitive dissonance, becoming blind to reality, no matter how glaring or obvious the incongruity. It is a type of temporary insanity.

Friends and family who witness their loved ones’ astounding descent into insanity should realize they are seeing a sort of crude mental or spiritual survival tactic—a product of our incredibly creative human minds.

For example, this mental survival tactic would serve an innocent child very well (temporarily at least), in allowing the child to survive horrific torture relatively unscathed, as far as visible scars go. In fact, this type of drastic emergency mental protective measure is precisely described by MKUltra mind control techniques and is well understood by the mainstream media, the Deep State, and the CIA. Torture is inflicted on a subject and then a mental “out” is provided to the victim by the torturer. The child chooses the “out” because it is their only means of escape. They can—mentally at least—float above their torture.

It is an example of devils forcing angels to use a last-resort tactic.

In every single MSM newscast, we now see the deliberate and calculated use by the Dark Forces of trauma, to force people into a state of cognitive dissonance. Smiling “friendly” icons purporting to be “allies” deliberately state things which even the most cursory examination of easily-observable truth demonstrates as false. Yet the lies are calmly stated with absolute conviction, behind masks resembling absolute, perfectly-manufactured false sincerity. (Juan on “The Five” with Greg Gutfield on Fox is a prime example of this.)

This forces anyone who hangs onto false hope straight into cognitive dissonance, effectively shutting down any information contradicting the desired narrative. And this is exactly the effect intended by those who are deliberately perpetrating the cognitive dissonance.

Now maybe you can understand why so many people appear to be insane these days.