Trump Administration Sending 150 Million Rapid COVID-19 Tests to All HBCUs


n efforts to further curb the spread of coronavirus as colder months quickly approach, the Trump administration announced it will send mass shipments of rapid coronavirus tests to every Historically Black College and University in the country.

The decision, confirmed by White House coronavirus task force testing czar Adm. Brett Giroir, comes after the Department of Health and Human Services’ August deal to purchase and distribute 150 million of rapid tests – from Abbott Laboratories – to populations facing higher risk, according to the Daily Caller.

“We know they’ve been underserved historically, and we just want to support them,” he stated. “It is a fact, except for a few very high-tech globally competitive universities that many of these are small, rural and do not have the kind of laboratory capacity that other universities do.”

Colleges and Universities around the country are working tirelessly to keep the transmission of the virus at a minimum, but tests are extremely expensive and difficult to come by. The first shipment is expected to last schools “quite a period of time” in hopes to prevent them from becoming hotspots for cases and hospitalizations.

The Department of Health and Human Services has already sent 250,000 tests to 41 of the country’s HBCUs and Howard University, with plans for a second shipment to be delivered to the rest in the near future, according to the Daily Caller. Giroir says that each of the 107 HBCUs will receive enough tests to cover the entirety of the student body, as well as all faculty and staff.

While HBCUs are considered to be high risk, due to their small size and rural nature, these schools are just some of the many high-risk institutions in the country in need of help. The HHS initiative also plans to supply Abbott rapid tests to nursing homes, tribal jurisdictions and areas impacted by wildfires and hurricanes to help stop the spread.

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FARRELL: The Left’s Political Rave-Out On SCOTUS Nomination

From Chris Farrell’s Op-Ed for The Daily Caller:

The passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has brought leftists to a full political tantrum. Facts, timing and the Constitution make it an increasingly likely prospect that President Trump will successfully install a third Supreme Court Justice in his first term. That drives liberals over the edge. Granted, it was not a very long drive, but in the last few days the left has let fly with an unprecedented political rave-out, even before Trump has revealed his nominee.

Leftists have invoked Ginsburg’s supposed dying wish that she not be replaced until a new president was in office. Former president Obama noted that RGB “left instructions for how she wanted her legacy to be honored,” and that they should be obeyed. Of course such “instructions” are not binding, but it is another example of the cult-like adoration liberals had for the “Notorious RBG” which kept her on the bench long after more strategically-minded progressives were begging her to retire. Now the possibly contrived “wish” is all they have left.

Let this moment radicalize you,” Demcoratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said. No problem AOC, the rest of the party is right there with you. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted out a political hot take on RBG’s passing even before he offered condolences and told his caucus that “nothing is off the table” for 2021 if Trump moves ahead. A frantic Schumer later claimed on the Senate floor that “by all rights, by every modicum of decency and honor, Leader McConnell and the Republican Senate majority have no right to fill [the seat], no right.” The Constitution says otherwise. Schumer doesn’t care.

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21 of our favorite products under $15 on Amazon

Looking to indulge in a little retail therapy that won’t break the bank? While many budget-priced products on Amazon can be hit or miss, we’ve rounded up a bunch that we can attest are worth their price tag and then some. Below you’ll find some of our editors’ favorite all-time purchases on Amazon under $15 — from items that’ll make doing everyday household tasks much easier to beauty products and accessories we love.

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Designing the apartment in 'Friends'

There’s no apartment in New York City more famous than Monica’s impossible rent-controlled, two-bedroom West Village digs. From the purple walls to the outdoor terrace, the “Friends” apartment became the quintessential ideal of everything New York could be. That’s all thanks to John Shaffner, the man responsible for creating the set of “Friends.” As a production designer, Shaffner has worked on 44 different series and 68 pilots, including “Dharma and Greg,” “The Drew Carey Show,” “Two and a Half Men,” and “The Big Bang Theory.”

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Judicial Watch Takes On Cancel Culture

“In my view, it’s discriminatory. Not only should this be shut down in the government but also in corporations and schools -both normal and higher education should be held accountable under law for pushing these discriminatory programs,” Fitton stated in last week’s Weekly Update.

As you may have already discovered through Judicial Watch’s lawsuits, the Pentagon has promoted critical race theory as a “training program” for its employees for some time. Critical Race theory, which purports to use race and gender identity to define human power relationships, is, in Fitton’s words – an “anti-American, racial separatist, cultural marxist theory,”  one which should not be “pushed on federal employees,” let alone students.  

Newly obtained records by Judicial Watch show that the Pentagon’s training program included “a chapter about power and privilege such as sexual orientation and religious privilege.” As the chapter reads, “sexual orientation privilege is associated with the marginalization of non-heterosexual lifestyles and the view that heterosexuality is a normal sexual orientation.” 

“This is just classic marxism,” Fitton argued. He continued in stating that “under critical race theory, if you think that traditional standards of success should be applied universally across races and gender identities, you are part of the problem. If you think people rely on their intelligence and hard work to be successful – then you’re racist.” 

These training programs are not inherent only to the federal government. Corporations and schools, both K-12 as well as higher-education have engaged promoting this form of identity politics. Ironically, as Fitton further contends, “the Left says they care about minorities, but they treat them like children have contempt for them as autonomous moral agents blessed by God.”

The president is working to “shut this down,” but, as Fitton states, has been met with resistance from the Left. As Fitton argued, one thing is having diversity training – which reminds people that they can’t make presumptions based on race. Another is to promote “communist-marxist philosophy that targets people specifically, in this case whites.” As Fitton concluded:

“If you have an entire HR program geared at attacking a particular race because they’re seen as dominant, how does that comport with our law covering anti-discrimination and equal opportunity? It doesn’t.”

If you’re concerned about cancel culture in our Nation’s highest institutions, and want to help rid our society of its segregationist intentions, support Judicial Watch today. We’re your watchdog in DC, doing the heavy lifting to defend the Constitution and the rights of all Americans. 

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RBG’s Passing, 9/11 Security Law & The Russians’ Trolling of Joe Biden

Judicial Watch Statement on the Passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Judicial Watch sends it condolences to the family of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She had a wonderful judicial temperament that will always be remembered.. Read more.

Nearly Two Decades after 9/11 States Finally Comply with Driver’s License Security Law

It took nearly two decades after the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil for every state to finally comply with a federal law requiring minimum security standards for driver’s licenses and identification cards. The measure, known as the REAL ID Act, was passed by Congress after 9/11 to establish a more secure national system less prone to fraud after several of the hijackers exploited loopholes to obtain dozens of driver’s licenses from various states. The cards allowed them to take flight lessons and board planes to carry out the 2001 attacks. Read more.

Judicial Watch: Obama State Department Official Notes Russians’ Trolling of Joe Biden on Hunter Biden Corruption Allegations

Judicial Watch announced recently that it received three pages of records from the State Department that include a January 17, 2017, email from George Kent, the Obama administration’s deputy assistant secretary of state in charge of Ukraine policy, which was copied to then-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, highlighting Russia-linked media “trolling” Joe Biden over “his son’s business.  Read more.

Judicial Watch and Legal Insurrection Investigate University Retaliation against Professor Who Questioned ‘Systemic Racism’

In August, Legal Insurrection wrote that “After Negy questioned claims of ‘systemic racism’ and asserted ‘black privilege is real,’ [referring to affirmative action, etc.] there has been a university-wide pile-on, with Negy alleging UCF is soliciting complaints against him and conducting an abusive investigation in an effort to justify firing him.” Read More.


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FARRELL: Mueller And His Team Look Worse By The Day – The Daily Caller

The full story of Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation of the Russian collusion myth has yet to be told, but important pieces of the tale are emerging. It is increasingly clear that Mueller exerted little to no control over what was going on. The narrative-driven image of Mueller as the steely-eyed force of justice who would take Trump down collapsed when the investigation found no Trump ties to Russia, and Mueller emerged publicly as a low energy, sometimes confused shadow of his former self. Instead, Mueller’s underlings ran the show, dragging out the pointless investigation even when they knew it was a dry hole, illicitly hobbling the Trump presidency while making sure they covered their tracks.

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Tom Fitton: Supreme Court vacancy – If Dems can impeach in an election year, Trump can do this – FOX News

In years past, Democrats might have had the tools to stop the process in its tracks, or the comity and goodwill to be able to reach a compromise with Senate Republicans or the White House. But they have squandered their goodwill and disarmed their senators, leaving them with little to do but fume and threaten.

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FARRELL: Evidence Of Criminal Human Activity Causing Wildfires –  The Daily Caller

There’s evidence of criminal human activity causing forest fires. Over a dozen people have been charged recently with setting western wildfires. Domingo Lopez Jr. may be the champion firebug. He started a brush fire along I-205 in Oregon using a Molotov Cocktail, was arrested, booked and later released. Then Lopez proceeded to start six more small fires in the next twelve hours before being apprehended again. Another alleged arsonist, BLM activist Jeffrey Acord, livestreamed the fire on Facebook as police arrived, then claimed to be calling the incident in.

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Judicial Watch CONTINUES to Fight for the Truth about the Clinton Email Scandal & Benghazi Attacks


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The Brief Podcast: How Trump Can Win The Ugly War Over His Supreme Court Nominee

Supreme Court

President Trump will nominate a replacement as the presidential election looms. It already has Democrats and their media cheerleaders convulsing with outrage. It’ll get worse as they blow non-stop garbage to derail confirmation. How does the President avoid total destruction? Gregg Jarrett explains in the latest episode of “The Brief””.


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