Shooter in SUV opens fire on food truck event in Mesa, injuring 7, including kids – AZFamily

  1. Shooter in SUV opens fire on food truck event in Mesa, injuring 7, including kids  AZFamily
  2. Mesa police investigating shooting incident with multiple victims, no suspects at this time  12 News
  3. Several injured in Mesa, Arizona, parking lot shooting  CNN
  4. Victim speaks after 4 kids, 3 adults were shot near Dobson and Guadalupe roads, suspect sought  ABC15 Arizona
  5. News Update: Mesa police looking for the gunman who shot 4 kids, 3 adults, hundreds march for  azfamily powered by 3TV & CBS5AZ
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'It needs to stop': Whitmer blasts Trump over Michigan rally rhetoric – POLITICO

  1. ‘It needs to stop’: Whitmer blasts Trump over Michigan rally rhetoric  POLITICO
  2. President Trump prompts anti-Whitmer chants of ‘lock her up’  The Detroit News
  3. Trump leans into fear tactics in bid to win Midwest states  TribLIVE
  4. Live: Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Georgia | NBC News  NBC News
  5. Trump campaign banking on rural Florida voters to repeat 2016 success  Fox News
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Wray has until 10/22 to answer questions about FBI technical analysis

Catherine Herridge @CBS_Herridge
3:33 PM · Oct 17, 2020
#2020Election Republican @SenRonJohnson letter to @FBI Director Wray todaythat on Sept 24, the day after his Ukraine/Biden report with @ChuckGrassley, “a whistleblower” contacted committee + said he had possession of “a laptop left in his business by Hunter Biden.”
Catherine Herridge @CBS_Herridge
Replying to @CBS_Herridge
Wray has until 10/22 to answer questions about FBI technical analysis + “the committee must know whether the FBI has assessed the validity of materials the whistleblower has provided + what, if any, actions FBI has taken since obtaining this information.”

Source: 8kun Notables, Wray has until 10/22 to answer questions about FBI technical analysis

Man Who Reportedly Gave Hunter’s Laptop to Rudy Speaks Out in Bizarre Interview

This Three Laptops repair story is obviously for optix and is meant to cover up this Three Hard Drives from China that will take down the CCP. The poor guy working at the repair shop trying to tell what he is supposed to. What if he is a White Hat and is trying to tell the story of these really go back to China? I haven’t heard the interview full disclosure but am very eager to hear it now.

Man Who Reportedly Gave Hunter’s Laptop to Rudy Speaks Out in Bizarre Interview=

John Paul Mac Isaac gave conflicting stories to reporters on Wednesday. He also said he feared for his life, citing the Seth Rich conspiracy.

Updated Oct. 14, 2020

On Wednesday afternoon, a group of reporters, among them a journalist for The Daily Beast, spoke with the owner of the shop, a man named John Paul Mac Isaac who lives in Wilmington, Delaware.The audio of that nearly hour-long question and answer session is inside linked article

Mac Isaac said he had a medical condition that prevented him from actually seeing who dropped off the laptop but that he believed it to be Hunter Biden’s because of a sticker related to the Beau Biden Foundation that was on it.He said that Hunter Biden actually dropped off three laptops for repair, an abundance of hardware that he chalked up to the Biden son being “rich.”

Source: 8kun Notables, Man Who Reportedly Gave Hunter’s Laptop to Rudy Speaks Out in Bizarre Interview

Book deals

(lb Q)
Book deals.

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Biden corruption…

PB / Q

Biden corruption…
Go get em’ quid pro Joe–dj2-CY

Fact: Joe Biden admitted to forcing Shokin’s firing in March 2016.

Fact: Shokin’s prosecutors were actively investigating Burisma when he was fired.

Fact: Burisma’s lawyers in 2016 were pressing U.S. and Ukrainian authorities to end the corruption investigations.

Fact: There is substantial evidence Joe Biden and his office knew about the Burisma probe and his son’s role as a board member.

Fact: Federal Ethics rules requires government officials to avoid taking policy actions affecting close relatives.

Fact: Multiple State Department officials testified the Bidens’ dealings in Ukraine created the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Fact: Hunter Biden acknowleged he may have gotten his Burisma job solely because of his last name.

Fact: Ukraine law enforcement reopened the Burisma investigation in early 2019, well before President Trump mentioned the matter to Ukraine’s new president Vlodymyr Zelensky.

“Breaking: Burisma official reportedly linked to Joe Biden met with State officials in 2016, memos show.”

“In Kiev late last month, District Court Judge S. V. Vovk ordered the country’s law enforcement services to formally list the fired prosecutor, Victor Shokin, as the victim of an alleged crime by the former U.S. vice president, according to an official English translation of the ruling obtained by Just the News.
The court had previously ordered the Prosecutor General’s Office and the State Bureau of Investigations in February to investigate Shokin’s claim that he was fired in spring 2016 under pressure from Biden because he was investigating Burisma Holdings, the natural gas company where Biden’s son Hunter worked.”

“In the end, it is clear that Biden exercised incredibly poor judgment, placing a highly classified counterintelligence operation at risk; undermined the incoming administration; and attempted to set up a foreign policy backchannel for himself so he could remain involved in U.S-Ukrainian policy even though he was not sanctioned to do so by law.
All of this took place while his son, Hunter Biden, was on the payroll of a Ukrainian energy firm for which he admitted he had no related experience.”

“In the lead-up to the November election political investigator and author Peter Schweizer, who currently heads the Florida-based Government Accountability Institute, has unveiled a bombshell exposé presenting damning evidence of Hunter and his father Joe Biden’s shady and hidden financial dealings with China.
Directed by Matthew Taylor, whose prior works include Clinton Cash and Creepy Line, the 41-minute film entitled “Riding the Dragon: The Bidens’ Chinese Secrets,” details a pile of corporate records, financial documents, legal briefings as well as court papers which tie Hunter’s firm with a major Chinese defense contractor, namely Aviation Industry Corp. of China (AVIC), and multiple other PLA linked companies.”

“Rand Paul plans to refer Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, to the Department of Justice for a “criminal referral.” The call for a referral came on the heels of a Senate report, which revealed that more than $3.5 million had been transferred into his bank account from the wife of a former Moscow Mayor, among other suspicious financial transactions.”

“Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden flatly denied at Tuesday night’s debate that his lawyer son took huge sums of money from corrupt oligarchs and Chinese communists during his vice presidency, but Treasury Department reports show that Hunter Biden DID receive the money.”

-US Treasury


KANSAS > ‘finds’ 33,000 Hildabeast emails in State Dept. > crimes against state/humanity > checkmate > [hands in the air bitch]

POTUS > ‘tweets’ Bin Laden/SEAL Team 6/Iran cash bribe ‘delivery’ > [hands in the air nigga]

NY POST/RUDI/BANNON > ‘finds’ missing laptop with corrupt fuckery and kiddie pedo crimes > [hands in the air corn pop/crack pop]

GAME OVER FOR HEADLINER POLITICIANS > Elections ‘cancelled’ due to no contest, liberal tears, administrative state douche bags jump off tall buildings

GITMO TRIBUNALS > streamed for free > unlimited popcorn refills

POTUS TAKES UP GUITAR > learns power chords > TRUMPALOOZA summer series begins

that is all

“The truth can go un-rescued for a long time… but, not forever”

Who is Joseph Cofer Black?
Burisma / Ukraine

“…and it’s shocking. Romney’s National Security Advisor, Joseph Cofer Black, sits on the Board of the same Burisma Holdings that was being investigated for corruption back in 2014, and the Vice President and Obama Administration demanded be shut down. Why? Because Burisma was/is their vehicle for corrupt practices in Eastern Europe.
And CIA Director, John Brennan’s 9/11 Deep State partner, Cofer Black, is still the link to all that goes on there. In fact, I can state unequivocally that Burisma is the centre of Ukraine corruption and the Democrats’ shadow organisation for corrupt activities. I live in Eastern Europe (Poland) and my sources are first-hand.
And I know this matters greatly to Mitt Romney as he is not yet done with politics. If Black is busted, it will reflect on Romney, and it only makes sense that Cofer Black is the Deep State ‘plant’ in case Romney ever rises above polishing knobs in the U.S. Senate.
Romney wants to run for President again in 2024 and if he wins, Cofer Black will be back with his fingers on the strings either as DNI or CIA Chief of Corruption.
Burisma Holdings is the hub of U.S. Democrat activities to corrupt both Ukraine and American politics and there is proof. Ukraine President Zelenskyy’s win surprised both Brennan and Black’s Deep State ops as much as Trump’s did in 2016 in America.
So who is this Cofer Black guy?
Joseph Cofer Black, joined the CIA in 1974 and rose to be Director of The National Counterterrorism Center, before joining Mitt Romney. If it were not for researching this article, I admit, he was unknown to me as well. What a revelation.
Black was also the Head of Counterintelligence who somehow missed the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington, though according to The Economist, 16 foreign leaders and heads of intelligence agencies warned him it was not only going to happen but when. Oh well. And nothing was done about Cofer Black for this, indicating this is what the Deep State wanted.
But it goes deeper. John Brennan and this guy, Cofer Black, are how 19 terrorists got into the U.S.A. to attack the U.S. on 9/11. Editor Harry will jump on me or make Nurse Ratched give me a dose of Castor Oil if I say something I can’t prove, so I’m just going to quote the CIA whistleblower at the Jeddah, Saudi Arabia CIA staff hearing, who is the source:
“According to Freedom Outpost, Brennan was the CIA station chief in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, when the 9/11 hijackers were given visas to travel to the United States.
“In September 2014, a whistleblower named Greg Ford, a former military intelligence officer, told Ground Zero Radio’s Clyde Lewis that the CIA had objections to the approval of those visas but Brennan actually overrode them.”
The second in command of the CIA station was directly quoted by the whistleblower as saying, ‘No way, absolutely we are not going to stamp those visas.’
But CIA Saudi station chief, John Brennan, overrode the officer in charge and ordered the visas to be stamped and issued. They came, they learned to ‘take off’ an airplane but said they were not interested in ‘how to land.’
Cofer Black ignored the reports about this strange behaviour, though it was made, I know as a fact, from the people who made it. I was also a Florida-based pilot in 2001.
You know the rest of the story…”

“Mr. Black brought to this role his extensive background at the CIA, which he joined in 1974 and where he trained for covert operations. He rose rapidly through the ranks, becoming director of the National Counterterrorism Center from 1999 to 2002. Coincidentally, this was the time in which al-Qaeda planned and carried out the 911 attack without hindrance from the counterintelligence apparatus of the Intelligence Community. But Black was not penalized; he failed upward, being appointed ambassador at large and coordinator for counter-terrorism by President George W. Bush in December 2002.

And in yet another amazing coincidence, Black was succeeded in his job as director of the National Counterterrorism Center by John Brennan.”

Also connects to Eric Prince…
(Who knows where the bodies are buried?)

“From there, Black began working in the private sector, serving as Vice Chairman for Blackwater (now Acedmi). Black resigned from his position following controversy surrounding Blackwater’s ASSASSINATION PROGRAM. The company has since rebranded.
Black also served on Mitt Romney’s campaign for president in 2012. From the Federalist:
He later worked at Blackwater as a vice chairman before joining Romney’s campaign as a “special adviser” on Romney’s Foreign Policy and National Security Advisory Team in October of 2011.”

Source: 8kun Notables, Biden corruption…

Sputnik: "If TikTok is saved, you can thank me", Graham boasted

Oracle CEO Donated Quarter of a Million Dollars to Sen Graham’s Super PAC 3 Days Before TikTok Deal

TikTok discarded the offer of another American tech giant, Microsoft, before reaching an agreement with Oracle, which is expected to protect the Chinese video platform from being banned on the territory of the US over accusations of being a threat to national security.

CEO of the tech giant Oracle, Larry Ellison, donated a hefty sum of $250,000 to the “Security is Strength” Super PAC, which only supports Senator Lindsey Graham’s re-election bid, three days before TikTok announced that it would strike a deal with Oracle to avoid being banned in the US.

Graham, who is currently trailing slightly in the polls behind his Democratic opponent, Jaime Harrison, previously claimed that he would be the one responsible for saving TikTok from being pushed out of the US should a deal be reached. He namely shared that he tried to personally convince Trump to let TikTok “thrive” under the control of an American company. It is, however, not entirely clear if his involvement affected the deal between the video platform and the tech giant.

“If TikTok is saved, you can thank me”, Graham boasted.

According to the Federal Election Commission’s data, first unearthed by the Verge, Ellison made his generous donation on 14 September, while the deal between the Oracle and TikTok’s owner, Chinese company ByteDance, was announced on 17 September.

The “Security is Strength” Super PAC has spent most of the raised money so far on placing ads supporting Graham’s bid for the Senate in the 3 November vote – over $740,000, according to the analysis of the Open Secrets Centre.
US Crackdown on TikTok

TikTok’s owner ByteDance was forced to seek a partnership with American companies in order to avoid a ban in the US after President Donald Trump accused the platform of transferring Americans’ data to the Chinese government and of being a national security risk due to its alleged capability to meddle in the upcoming election. While the company has denied all accusations and filed a suit against the White House for its attempts to block the app’s downloads in the US, it still negotiated, primarily with Microsoft and Oracle, to organise a joint venture to control TikTok’s operations on US soil.

The platform announced on 17 September that Oracle would become its technological partner in the US. Later it was announced that retail giant Walmart would also take part in the deal, becoming TikTok’s commercial partner. The deal suggests the creation of a new company, based in Texas, that will run the platform’s operations. US President Donald Trump announced on 19 September that he “blessed” the trilateral deal. He later added that Oracle and Walmart must have total control over TikTok under the agreement, stressing that otherwise, he will proceed with TikTok’s US ban.

Oracle CEO donated quarter of million dollars to Sen Graham’s Super PAC three days before TikTok deal

Source: 8kun Notables, Sputnik: “If TikTok is saved, you can thank me”, Graham boasted