Talk about Patterns…

So strange that a “Patriot” such as yourself would work so hard to keep this info out of notables TWICE . Especially since all POTUS tweet/retweets are ALWAYS notable..

Almost exactly like when you refused to notable the FBI vault drop protocols of Zion until I threatened to take the dough away from you.

POTUS asked about Q – The Doc Refused
HCQ senate press conference doctors – The Doc refused
Color Revolution information – The Doc refused
Extortion 17 first POTUS Retweet – The Doc refused
Extortion 17 second POTUS retweet – The Doc Refused
COVID-19 underlying conditions death rate – The Doc refused
St. Gallen Mafia – The Doc refused
Geronimo Podesta – The Doc refused
FBI Protocols of Zion Drop – The Doc refused

Talk about patterns..
Do you see a pattern?
Do you see a pattern?

check it
Do you see a pattern?

Talk about Patterns.

Source: 8kun Notables, Talk about Patterns…

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