Coons, Absent Minded Or Out And Out Lying? (2010)

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Coons, Absent Minded Or Out And Out Lying?

Posted on 10/22/2010, 3:06:20 PM by MarkLevinFan

During the debate on CNN between Republican Christine O’Donnell and Democrat Chris Coons who are the candidates for the U.S. Senate from Delaware, Chris Coons was asked a direct question.

Ms. O’Donnell asked Mr. Coons if there would be any direct benefit from cap-and-trade for the company that he formerly worked for, a company whose current CEO is Chris Coons’ father in-law and which Chris Coons owns stock in. The company, W.L. Gore , also known as Gore-Tex is involved in making air filtration filters for natural gas turbines and also a material used in fuel cells.

It is clear that such a company would be interested in a policy issue such as cap-and-trade that will mandate carbon levels in the air. Both the air filtration filters and the fuel cells are products that are marketed as being able to lower green house gases, a key issue in the debate over cap-and-trade.

Mr. Coons gave a typical politician’s answer that W.L. Gore would not benefit directly from cap-and-trade, in this quote, “to the best of my knowledge”. Well it would seem that either his knowledge is not so good, or he is intentionally misleading the voters of Delaware.

First it is important to know that Chris Coons was a lobbyist working for Gore-Tex, so he would be very aware of any interaction between the company and the government. So how did Mr. Coons miss the fact that Gore-Tex has already directly benefited from the green movement?

Source: 8kun Notables, Coons, Absent Minded Or Out And Out Lying? (2010)

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