Man Who Bonded Out a Jail After Alleged Killing His Ex-Girlfriend, Is Back Behind Bars For Having A Silencer

TEXAS — A Rowlett man who allegedly gunned down his ex-girlfriend in the midst of a bitter custody dispute has been charged with possessing an unlicensed firearm silencer.

Andrew Charles Beard, 33, was charged via criminal complaint. He was arrested Thursday afternoon and made his initial appearance before Magistrate Judge Renee Toliver Friday morning.

“Given the brutality of his alleged crimes, it’s unthinkable that Mr. Beard bonded out of county jail,” said U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox. “I am proud that our federal law enforcement partners acted quickly so that we could file federal charges. It is our fervent hope that justice will be swift, and that Mr. Beard will be kept behind bars — state or federal — before he can inflict more harm.”

“ATF is steadfast in its pursuit of domestic abusers in possession of firearms illegally. Mr. Beard will now face the full force of the United States Justice Department and all of its law enforcement partners,” said ATF Special Agent in Charge of the Dallas Field Division Jeffrey C. Boshek II.

According to the complaint, Beard allegedly attacked his ex-girlfriend, Alyssa Burkett, outside her office on Oct. 2. Ms. Burkett, who was found with multiple stab wound to her torso and a possible gunshot wound to the head, died at the scene.

A coworker, identified in the complaint by the initials “M.J.,” told officers she’d observed a black-clad man climb out of a truck and take aim at the victim. It is believed that Beard allegedly disguised himself as a Black man during the attack. Watch the video report below

Burkett’s friends and family informed officers that she and Beard were involved in an acrimonious dispute over the custody of their child. Two days prior to the shooting, records show, a judge awarded custody of the child to Burkett.

Burkett’s mother, “T.C.,” and her boyfriend, “B.E.,” told officers that Burkett feared Beard would kill her. B.E. said Beard was “overly obsessed” with the victim and their child. Her coworker, “M.J.,” reiterated the same concern, adding that Burkett was worried she was being tracked by Beard, who always seemed to know her location.

After the murder, investigators recovered a black Spy Bot box and tracking device underneath Burkett’s vehicle. They found a similar tracking device on her boyfriend’s vehicle.

During a search of Beard’s residence, investigators found a matching Spy Bot battery and a third tracking device in the upstairs loft. They also uncovered a .22 caliber revolver and a homemade gun silencer zipped into a baggie inside a toolbox in the garage. (Detectives believed the silencer was homemade because the threaded portion that would attach to the barrel and the muzzle end of the silencer were off center.)

An ATF analysis revealed that the metal cylinder, which included an expansion chamber, met the federal definition of a firearm silencer.

A search of the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record (NFRTR) did not pull up any silencers registered to Beard, and the homemade silencer recovered from Beard’s home lacked the serial number required for registration.

Federal law prohibits possession of an unregistered silencer, defined as any device designed to silence, muffle, or diminish the report of a potable firearm.

If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in federal prison for the silencer charge.

Following his ex-girlfriend’s death, Beard was charged by the state with murder. Last week, he was released from Dallas County Jail on $1 million bond. He was taken into federal custody on Thursday afternoon, and prosecutors will seek federal detention.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives’ Dallas Field Division, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Dallas Field Office, and the Carrollton Police Department conducted the investigation. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Gary Tromblay and Keith Robinson are prosecuting the case.

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Peaceful march to the polls in North Carolina is met with police pepper spray and arrests, causing outcry on eve of election – The Washington Post

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Chase Elliott wins, Harvick turns Kyle Busch : Martinsville Speedway Extended Highlights | NASCAR – NASCAR

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Japan’s Zozo says new body-measuring suit overcomes flaws of original

November 2, 2020

By Sam Nussey

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese online fashion retailer Zozo Inc <3092.T> says the successor to its “Zozosuit” body-measuring suit has solved the flaws that sank its earlier version.

The original polka-dot bodysuit, which when scanned with a smartphone allowed users to upload their measurements and order custom-made clothes, received massive interest from the fashion industry but failed to drive sales amid complaints of poor sizing.

Zozo’s engineers had reworked their algorithms and increased the number of measuring markers to 20,000 from 400 previously for the “Zozosuit 2”, Chief Operating Officer Masahiro Ito said in an interview.

“We have spent the last two years getting rid of every issue that people had so the entire process is more robust,” he told Reuters.

“Last time we were going too fast. Right now, I don’t think we need to be too careful either,” said Ito.

Accurate and easy-to-use body measuring technology is being targeted by online fashion retailers trying to reduce returns.

Zozo, which is controlled by SoftBank’s domestic internet business, is also seeking partners in fitness, healthcare and other sectors.

The company hopes to offer the suit within a year. The new design can be produced at low-cost via an easily scalable printing process, Ito said.

Best known for the Zozotown online mall, the firm also offers the “Zozomat” for measuring feet, which it says has cut shoes returns by around a third.

Founder Yusaku Maezawa exited the firm last year. He has attracted more than 10 million Twitter followers with cash giveaways and a plan to orbit the moon on a SpaceX rocket.

(Reporting by Sam Nussey; Editing by Andrew Heavens)

Reform UK: Brexit party to rebrand as anti-lockdown voice

Party chairman Richard Tice says country must ‘learn to live with’ Covid not ‘hide in fear’

The Brexit party has applied to the Electoral Commission to change its name to Reform UK in a bid to rebrand the party, which has no elected representatives, as a voice in the anti-lockdown movement.

The party’s leader, Nigel Farage, and chairman, Richard Tice, first announced the plan in a joint article in the Telegraph where they wrote it was “time to redirect our energies”. The name change is subject to approval of the commission.

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Ex-health ministers call on Rishi Sunak to raise UK care workers' wages

Cross-party MPs say more than 800,000 on Covid frontline get less than ‘national living wage’

A cross-party group of five former health ministers have called on the UK chancellor, Rishi Sunak, to award embattled care workers an urgent wage increase to see them through the second wave of the pandemic and raise pay above the legal minimum.

Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester and a former health secretary, alongside Sir Norman Lamb, Phil Hope, Alistair Burt and Paul Burstow, all former care ministers, are backing calls from care providers, unions and doctors for the chancellor to provide £3.9bn to lift earnings. There are more than 800,000 care workers on the “forgotten frontline” who are paid less than the £8.72 per hour “national living wage”, the new Future Social Care Coalition said.

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Source: The Guardian Politics, Ex-health ministers call on Rishi Sunak to raise UK care workers’ wages

Former FARC guerrillas march in Colombia to demand end to killings

November 2, 2020

By Luis Jaime Acosta

BOGOTA (Reuters) – Hundreds of demobilized former members of the FARC rebel group marched in Colombia’s capital Bogota on Sunday to demand more security, implementation of a 2016 peace deal, and an end to the killings of former combatants.

Waving both white and Colombian flags, former members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) arrived in Bogota as part of the ‘pilgrimage for life and peace.’

The killings of 236 former members of the demobilized FARC since the signing of the 2016 peace deal has been a major hurdle for implementation of the agreement that ended the group’s role in more than five decades of conflict which has left 260,000 dead and millions displaced.

The United Nations has expressed concern over killings of former FARC in the wake of the peace deal, which allowed some 13,000 members of the leftist rebel group to demobilize.

“We laid down our arms believing in the promises of the state, yet to date 236 of our comrades have been killed in different parts of the country,” said senator Carlos Antonio Lozada of the Revolutionary Alternative Common Force, the political party born out of the peace deal which kept the rebel group’s FARC acronym.

Lozada demanded full guarantees for the social and economic reintegration of demobilized rebels, adding that the state is obliged to protect their lives.

The government of President Ivan Duque says it is committed to the peace deal, blaming FARC dissidents who rejected the 2016 agreement, as well as other illegal armed groups involved in drug trafficking and illegal mining, of killing former FARC guerrilla members.

Pastor Alape, a former top FARC rebel commander and peace negotiator, blamed “powers that benefit from war and violence” for the killings of ex-combatants. He called on the government for greater social investment and a lower military presence in areas affected by violence.

(Reporting by Luis Jaime Acosta; writing by Oliver Griffin; editing by Richard Pullin)

Joe Biden Gets Confused Again in Philadelphia: “I Am Finnegan Biden’s Grandma” (VIDEO)

President Trump is correct when he says, “Joe Biden is shot.”

Joe Biden crawled out of his Delaware basement on Sunday and traveled 30 miles to Philadelphia for a “Souls to the Polls” event.

Biden got confused again and told a small group of people that he is a grandmother.

“I married a Philly girl and I am Finnegan Biden’s grandma,” Biden said looking at his granddaughter (Hunter’s daughter) before correcting himself. “That’s her grandma and I’m her grandpa.”


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In Defense Of The Electoral College

In Defense Of The Electoral College

Tyler Durden

Sun, 11/01/2020 – 19:00

Authored by Don Brown via,

In the last twenty years, Democrats have twice lost presidential elections when the Electoral College has “trumped” the popular vote, leading to Republican victories. First came George W. Bush’s presidential victory over Al Gore in 2000, then Trump’s shocker over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Infographic: Which Presidents Did Not Win the Popular Vote? | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

Thus, radical Democrats demand the abolition of the Electoral College.

 “It’s undemocratic,” they say.  “The will of the people should rule,” they cry.

Yes, it’s undemocratic, which, believe it or not, is an exceptionally good thing.

That’s because the United States is not, and never has been a “democracy.”

The word “democracy” is not in the Constitution. In fact, the founders hated pure, unrestrained democracies.

Instead, Article 4, Section 4, states that the Constitution provides a “Republican” form of government. Not a democracy. There’s a difference.

“Democracy” equals mob rule, where angry, fist-shakers “vote” for or demand whatever they want. Imagine that, against the rights and interests of others. Think of the mobs burning Portland and Seattle.

“Republic” equals freedom and the rule of law, featuring internal checks-and-balances against overconcentration of power.

Remember that phrase, checks-and-balances. It’s key to understanding the Electoral College.

That’s because the Electoral College erects a constitutional check-and-balance to prevent corrupt urban politicians and voters from wielding disproportionate power over the less powerful. In this case, that means rural and small-town America.

Though the Constitution contains 7 Articles and 27 Amendments, two powerful concepts emerge as keys to understanding the Constitution

1. To Protect Freedom

First, the Constitution establishes government’s primary role, which is to protect individual freedom.  The broadest freedoms designated for governmental protection are found at the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, guaranteeing Americans the right to life, liberty and property. Jefferson expresses a similar concept in the Declaration of Independence, discussing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So, protecting freedom is the government’s principal role, not to become a giant lollypop factory dispensing free goodies as the Democrats advocate.

2. A Restraining Device Against Overconcentration of Power

Here’s the second concept: The Constitution is also a restraining device against over-concentrated governmental power.         

When lecturing on the Constitution, to illustrate a point, I often show a photograph of a drunk driver, just after being arrested by police officers, with handcuffs clamping his hands behind his back.

Likewise, the Constitution handcuffs government on multiple levels, restraining excessive governmental power to protect citizens.

That’s because the Founders understood an age-old concept: “Power corrupts absolutely, and absolute power corrupts.”  So, to deter overconcentrated governmental power, the Constitution features many internal restraining devices known as checks-and-balances.

Some of these checks-and-balances we may know, like divided government.

Our federal government is divided to prevent overconcentrated power.  Congress passes bills. The president signs bills into law, or vetoes bills. Congress may override vetoes. The president is commander-in-chief of the armed forces, etc, etc. The courts decide cases based on federal law.  It’s about dividing power.

The Bill of Rights places even more restraints on power. The First Amendment provides that Congress cannot pass any laws infringing upon (1) freedom of religion, or (2) of the press, or (3) speech, or (4) the right of the people to peaceably assemble, (5) or the right to petition the government for redress of grievances.

The Constitution creates many other checks against government: No search without a warrant. No warrant without probable cause.  No taking property without just compensation. No criminal trial without a right to confront witnesses. These are but a few of many governmental checks in the Bill of Rights.

3. The Electoral College – The Ultimate Check-and-Balance

Then comes the Electoral College.

The Founders understood that festering like a deadly cancer, political corruption metastasizes within large cities. They were right. Urban corruption has been a common thread since the beginning of the Republic.

In recent years, we’ve seen graft in Chicago, New York, Detroit, and others, run by corrupt city bosses like Richard Daley.

More recently, we’ve seen big-city Democrat corruption on national television after George Floyd died while in police custody. We’ve seen Portland, Chicago, Seattle, New York, Minneapolis, and other cities burn and get looted while corrupt city governments don’t lift a finger to protect citizens.

In fact, liberal big-city leaders encouraged the violence, by ordering police stand-downs, and allowing thugs to burn and destroy property and lives without legal consequence.

Understanding this danger of urban graft, the founders created the Electoral College to protect small-town and rural America from being overrun by faraway, big-city corruption.

Perhaps the founders’ crystal ball foresaw modern-day Democrat urban corruption.

Consider this partial list of major Democrat mayors and city council members convicted on corruption-type  charges in recent years: Dwaine R. Caraway, Dallas; Megan Barry, Nashville;  Ray Nagin, New Orleans; Patrick Cannon, Charlotte; Kwame Kilpatrick Detroit; Larry Langford, Birmingham; Sheila Dixon, Baltimore; Joe Ganim, Bridgeport, CT; Gerald McCann,Jersey City;  Hugh Addonizio, Newark; Isaac Carothers, William Carothers, Wallace Davis – Chicago; Monica Conyers, Detroit; Miguel Martinez, Larry Seabrook, Alex Rodriguez – New York.

And the list goes on.

Electoral maps of the country from 2000 and 2016 show most of the nation’s counties voting red, with dots of blue concentrated around major urban cities. Geographically, it’s not even close. America remains an overwhelmingly red tapestry in terms of land.

Without the Electoral College, corrupt mobs in big cities like New York and Chicago, and shady socialist mayors like Bill DeBlasio and Lori Lightfoot who control election machines and graft in their cities, could always manipulate presidential elections, and control and manipulate the lives of farmers in Kansas, of coal miners in West Virginia, of fishermen working off the Carolina coast, of natural gas workers in places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas.

The Electoral College remains one of America’s last defenses to protect middle America against corrupt urban power, and a great check-and-balance against totalitarian rule-by-the mob.It must be defended at all costs.

Source: Zero Hedge, In Defense Of The Electoral College