Tropical Update, November 14, 2020 – FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay

  1. Tropical Update, November 14, 2020  FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay
  2. Iota threatens 2nd tropical strike for Nicaragua, Honduras  Fox News
  3. Tropical Storm Iota forecast to become major hurricane  ABC News
  4. Tropical Storm Iota may bring more damage to Caribbean after Eta  The Guardian
  5. After catastrophic Eta, millions of Hondurans brace for Iota  Tampa Bay Times
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Big guns McIlroy, Koepka and Woods spiked by leader Johnson

November 15, 2020

By Andrew Both

AUGUSTA, Ga. (Reuters) – Three of golf’s biggest guns had their ammunition spiked by rampant Dustin Johnson as Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka and Tiger Woods found themselves out of range after the third round at the Masters on Saturday.

McIlroy and Koepka were eight shots behind Johnson, the leader on 16-under-par 200, while Woods was 11 off the pace at Augusta National.

McIlroy needs the Masters to complete a career grand slam of all four modern majors, but he declared his 2020 quest as good as dead.

“I have zero thoughts about winning this golf tournament right now,” said the Northern Irishman, who shot himself in the foot with an opening round 75, which he followed with 66 and 67.

“The good golf was in there, I just didn’t allow myself to play that way on the first 18 holes,” he added.

“This course can make you a little bit careful and a little bit tentative at times. I’ve always said I play my best golf when I’m trusting and freer, and I’ve been a lot freer over the last 36 holes.”

Koepka, winner of four major championships in the previous three years — two U.S. Opens and two PGA Championships — said he would just do his best on Sunday.

“You’ve got to shoot a low number. I think that’s pretty obvious. Go out, go play good, see what happens,” said the 30-year-old American, who is battling back from a knee injury.

Woods surprised the golf world last year with a stirring triumph for his fifth Masters crown and 15th major title.

He entered this year’s tournament with high hopes but found the wear and tear of playing extra holes to catch up after Thursday’s weather-delayed opening round difficult to overcome.

“These are long days,” said 44-year-old Woods, who shot a 72, hampered by a surgically repaired back. “It’s just part of the deal. If you have long days like this, I’m going to get a little bit sore, which I definitely am.

“I can walk all day. The hard part is bending and twisting. I think that’s part of the game, though, and so that’s always been the challenge with my back issues and I guess will always continue to be.”

(Reporting by Andrew Both; Editing by Ken Ferris)

Israel signs $237mn contract with Pfizer for 8 million doses of Covid vaccine

Israel has signed a formal agreement of intent with US pharma giant Pfizer for some eight million doses of its coronavirus vaccine candidate – if and when it is approved and the company starts supplying it to foreign customers.

Pfizer could receive a front payment of over $35 million as early as next week, even though the agreement does not include any commitment to actually supply the vaccine, Ynet reports. The remaining $200+ million will be paid once some 8 million jabs are shipped, but if the increased demand in the US or other ‘circumstances’ prevent Pfizer from fulfilling the order, Tel Aviv expects a refund.

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the Israeli Health Ministry, Pfizer and its CEO Albert Bourla personally for his relentless work to seal the deal, marking a “great day for the State of Israel and a great day on the way to our victory over the coronavirus.”

Our national mission is to enable a vaccine for every person in Israel, whoever wants one – without exception.

Netanyahu added that he was in talks with other countries and world leaders too, “to ensure that we will receive the vaccine together with the leading countries around the world and that we will not get pushed back in line.”

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In the meantime, he urged Israelis to show some patience and obey the government’s anti-Covid directives and rules, acknowledging that “months will pass until the vaccines arrive, assuming that they will be approved.”

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‘The PM was having a good week, then the macho No 10 culture intervened’

The people that we Conservatives thought had been hired to advance Boris Johnson’s cause damaged his brand

After a tumultuous week, the prime minister’s standard billows again over the ranks of his parliamentary party.

This has been an extraordinary few days in politics. The long-awaited news of the vaccine lifted the spirits, with the PM striking the right note about the need for caution to temper the bursting hope the Pfizer jab offers of an exhausted country. A strong performance quickly followed by a warm telephone call with president-elect Joe Biden. A conversation that lifted the morale of the many millions of us who want to have a warm relationship with our greatest ally’s new head of state.

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Elon Musk Says He 'Most Likely' Has Moderate Case of Covid – Bloomberg

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Goldman Pinpoints Temperature Below Which COVID-19 Outbreaks Start To Accelerate

Goldman Pinpoints Temperature Below Which COVID-19 Outbreaks Start To Accelerate

Tyler Durden

Sat, 11/14/2020 – 19:00

In a recent note to clients, a team of researchers at Goldman Sachs took a close look at temperatures and studied whether there was a correlation with temperatures. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the team found a strong negative correlation between confirmed cases and temperature, with the number of the former going up while the number for the latter goes down.

As the regression modeled by Goldman shows, the further temperatures drop with a modest lag between the summer and the winter, the more extreme the surge in COVID-19 cases. This applies in both the US and Europe.

Using fixed effects modeling, the Goldman team then tried to strip out other factors to try and isolate and expose the influence of temperature on case growth.

Interestingly enough, the analysts analysis found that no matter the difference in statewide policies and enforcement, cases appeared to wax and wane along with changes in temperature, appearing to resist most efforts to control the virus.

This notion isn’t all that surprising. Most other coronaviruses (ie the common cold), along with various influenza strains, are heavily influenced by temperature and seasonal effects (hence “flu season”.

Medical literature cited by Goldman explains the seasonality trend in two key ways: Increase indoor social activity for “hosts”, which increases exposure, along with the cold weather’s impact on the immune system and general health (making individuals more vulnerable).

Armed with these models, Goldman’s team of analysts produced a set of projections showing that the economies of the US and Europe will likely slow significantly during Q1 and Q4, followed by a springtime thaw as new case numbers start to recede.

Source: Zero Hedge, Goldman Pinpoints Temperature Below Which COVID-19 Outbreaks Start To Accelerate