by Defensor

I am talking to you, self righteous MSM watcher, existing in a feedback loop of delusional ignorance, laziness, and dishonesty. You lacked the mental and/or moral force to break the programming. Many of us did break away, yet you failed. You watched a significant slice of your former allies, correctly make the jump to the Trump camp. Yet you decided to take the easy way, and cling to the old programming with all your strength, continually reassured by the talking heads and also by your fellow mesmerized leftists.

What is it you are supporting with every ounce of your mind, heart, body and pocketbook? All of it–the entire leftist platform. The killing of babies who are born alive. The open legalization of pedophilia, with worse planned. The confiscation of weapons from the populace, in particular the righteous/sane segment. The de facto abolition of national borders, i.e. the end of the nation, as well as Western civilization. The continuance of needless wars forever. The overt conquest of the world, by China. Forced immunizations with deadly materials. Taxes dramatically raised, to the rapid destruction of the remaining middle class. Mask wearing forever. Needless forced lockdowns, expediting that middle class destruction. The vicious destruction of our history and traditions. The ephemeral abeyance of God’s spiritual laws, while overthrowing The Constitution’s temporal guidelines. The further entrenchment of false science, a cementing of the big lie(s). Horrific racism installed as the norm, by the worst racists of all time. Bestiality. The indefinite installation of the satanic power pyramid into control of all earthly affairs.

What is it that you are vehemently opposed to, whether or not you admit it as such? The honoring of human life, in accordance with God’s laws. The nurturing of our young. Private property. Honest education. The drug impeding wall, for the survival of both Mexico and the US (Trump is called a racist for saving us). The right to self defense. A nation we can call our own, with its history, laws, and traditions. The chance for honest money, equal protection under the law, prosperity, and security. Truth. Real science. Optimal medical care. President Donald J. Trump has championed all these things, and much more that benefits us all, yet you hate him for it, because your MSM brain programming masters tell you to do so. You are responsible.

Those supporting the open election theft, are going to lose. The election stealing attempt has already been defeated, and its proponents are in the process of losing much more than that. No more respect will be coming their way, respect they never deserved, but was granted for long years, in the forlorn hope that they would open their eyes and see what a dark road they were on. That road has inevitably led to this window in time, wherein mankind fights for existence vs. demonic forces. Some saw it, and came over to be part of the 75% of voters who opted for President Trump. The hard core fanatics persevered, and they bear responsibility for this failure.

Some rough beast is slouching toward Bethlehem, urged on by failed humans on the left side (along with some from the right), who are proudly making lists of Trump supporters that they desire to punish for being rational, and for fighting to protect the lives of their families, while preserving The Republic. Why do patriots do so? Because they love the Lord and His laws, identify with these, and earnestly long to do that which best reflects their understanding of the light framework. They have chosen, as have you, fanatic leftist. They will never quit or surrender. This is your last chance to somewhat mitigate the disgrace you have brought on yourself. Stand down. Admit that your idols are blatantly attempting to take over the nation, and by proxy, the world. Declare that you can no longer support them, and that you intend to abide by the Constitution while defending it. Fall on your knees and beg forgiveness from the true King of Heaven. Do it now, as your time is up.