by Defensor

A complicated and seemingly infinite road has been trod by each of us, bringing us all to the crucial crossroads, the place of the greatest decision in history. The world is engaged in a great, winner-take-all war, with no compromise possible between the two sides. This is so, because of the stark differences in their objectives, which amount to the combatants occupying two wildly different, competing timelines. This war will be fought to the finish, like Jedi vs. Sith, with those descriptors being loosely accurate for the present situation. The winning timeline, and its adherents, will occupy the main trunk timeline as we proceed into the future. The losing side will take a different fork, into the outer darkness.

Who are the combatants? There are nuances of course, but it comes down to Light vs. Dark, Good vs. Evil. The same battle that began with the Angels’ revolt, and was transferred to the Earthly Theater of War. Satan and minions vs. God and servants. Traitors, NWO lackeys, money worshiping international bankers and corporate bosses, false religious leaders, false scientists, pretentious royals, demonic media and those who simply refuse to abide by the law of man or God—these are all of the same essence. They serve the Dark Lord and the Self. We will call them all Satanists, for that is who they follow, whether they admit it or not. On the light side, we have those who acknowledge The Creator, and willingly abide by His laws. They love Him, and confess their sins to Him. They long to see His face. We will combine patriots, God fearing people, those who willingly serve others, and those who have perceived an unprecedented threat, into the category of The Righteous.

What do Satanists desire, and intend to implement as the guideline for mankind? Crowley stated it succinctly. “Do what thou wilt” shall be the whole of the Law… No law at all, in other words. A middle finger raised to Heaven, and a fist to all humans who establish temporal law, such as The Constitution. Such as this not only hate The Righteous, but are filled with contempt for them. They long to bring suffering, humiliation, and death to the good people. This manifests in ways such as desiring to kill live-born babies, or relentlessly whittling away at age-of-consent laws, in order to establish legal pedophilia. It manifests in endless wars, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and needless hunger/disease/poverty. More than anything else, it manifests as The Big Lie enshrined. After all, Satan is The Father of Lies.

Of course, The Righteous desire the exact opposite. The honoring of both God’s law and man’s law (evenly applied), respect for the human body, honoring of God’s chosen family unit, peace, prosperity, protection for the vulnerable, and The Truth. These people understand that the words of God will be fulfilled, at a point of His choosing on the timeline. They also know they have the duty to fight for the right here and now. They understand that it is correct to defeat evil for a time, if God wills it. It is their honor and joy to fight for this objective to be attained, for themselves, their loved ones, and their country. The entire world watches intently, for the fate of all people hangs in the balance.

The overall position favors the light side. The battle is everywhere, but focused on America at this time. This is the center of the battlefield, and whoever wins will either enslave the rest of the planet, or help them find the best of all possible worlds. We patriots greatly outnumber our satanic adversaries, those who contemptuously call us deplorables, and boast of the payback lists they are creating. We are far better armed. We enjoy the majority of military support. We are more intelligent (it’s true). We are legally and morally in the right. We are more determined than ever before, being well able to understand the mortal attack being waged against us. We enjoy superlative leadership. If we stay true, and earnestly petition the Almighty for help, we may be blessed with it.

The enemy is running out of time, space, and assets. Many of their human assets within the deep state machinery have been gradually removed, even as other sleeper traitors are now being forced to reveal themselves. Their fake pandemic is exposed. The street satanists are now known in detail, as are their tactics. Their funds are limited/restricted. Their allied world leaders have already made their big announcements congratulating Moron Biden, and gotten little traction with it. They have shot their election stealing bolt, and it looks 20-1 as if it has failed. The time aspect is now focused on December 14, and The Electoral College. They are going to lose, either by President Trump winning the 6 crucial states outright, or by state legislatures sending in Trump Electoral Slates no matter what. Then what remains for the losers? The final faux street uprising, likely with weapons, perhaps within the context of secession announcements. These flailings are clearly destined for defeat, but will probably be tried anyway, because it is their final chance. An extremely forlorn chance, but drowning people clutch at straws.

We are winning. Hold the line. Stand tall under the flag. Drive them into their last stand corner, and finish them off.