MISSIONS OF LIGHT SERIES – Mission 3 — Social Media


Mission 3 — Social Media

by Aspen — ABCU|8 team

“Mission 3. Social Media. At a basic level, a social media warrior might begin by simply establishing accounts on twitter, parler, gab, instagram, Facebook, etc. and Liking or Retweeting informative posts.” Missions of Light—Introduction, https://abcu8.co/2020/11/21/missions-of-light-introduction/

Social media offers a vital channel to catch breaking news that is disregarded by the mainstream media. Your social media networks are crucial for spreading information and influence. For descriptive purposes, we’ll divide the social media mission into categories, from the easiest to the most advanced. Everyone can adopt at least a minor a social media warrior role, in addition to other Missions of Light.

A. Scout Role. Scouts scan information sources and share data wherever other warriors congregate. Scout is an intelligence role. They look for trends, identify friends and enemies, and highlight important breaking news. This role does not necessarily require a social media account. It’s a good way to become familiar with social media.

B. Flank Role. Flanks have social media accounts, but do not need to originate tweets/posts. They establish networks of friends, and they follow others. When they see a post that serves the Great Awakening, they amplify it by Liking or Retweeting, to increase the message’s prominence so it will be seen by more eyes.

C. Tactical Assault Role. These warriors establish an energetic social media presence and often accumulate large followings. They often comment forcefully about current events. Their opinions are influential, often swaying many others to their point of view. These opinion leaders become highly skilled at influence campaigns. They are completely familiar with all of the platform’s nuances, traditions, and expectations. They know “who’s who” and have strong relationships with other opinion leaders.

D. Social Media Personalities. These individuals became prominent outside of social media. They may be politicians, mainstream media commentators, journalists, talk show hosts, attorneys, and so forth. They are often primary sources who originate new information directly into cyberspace.

The best way to evaluate the possibility of taking on a social media mission is to begin at the Scout level and gain familiarity with a particular social platform. If the role fits your interest and skills, then set a firm intention about your goals and make a plan to achieve them. Make incremental progress each day and measure your performance against your own expectations. If problems arise (e.g. account suspended), seek advice from experienced social media warriors. Understand that Big Tech has rigged the game against conservatives. Find inspiration in tweets from patriots like @POTUS, @SidneyPowell1, @GenFlynn, @LLinWood, etc.

Never, ever, ever, give up!