2020 results leave GOP poised for House takeover

U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

The Republican Party lost its majority in the U.S. House during the 2018 election, when it entered the campaign with 235 of the 435 seats there.

The Democrats took over 40 seats that year, including those belonging to 30 GOP incumbents who lost.

That significant majority gave House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, over recent months, the power to simply say “no” to the dozens of additional COVID-19 pandemic relief bills GOP members of the Senate proposed for their constituents. It also allowed her to pursue her failed impeach-and-remove campaign against the president.

While the Democrats will remain in the majority following the 2020 results, Pelosi, a California Democrat, is likely to have only a tiny majority, and likely will be able to lose only four of her Democrat members on any vote to still succeed.

The Democrats took 222 seats, and the GOP has 205, flipping about a dozen Democrat seats already.

And of the eight seats whose totals have yet to be determined, GOP candidates lead in all eight, according to Daily Wire report.

The report said in California’s 21st District, 98% of the votes have been counted, and Republican David Valadao had a 50.5%-49.5% lead over Democrat TJ Cox, the incumbent. That’s a lead of just about 2,000 votes.

In California’s 25th district, 98% of the votes have been counted and GOP incumbent Mike Garcia holds a narrow 50.06%-49.94% lead, a matter of a handful of votes.

In Iowa’s 2nd District, 89% of the votes are counted and Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks leads with 196,880 votes to Democrat incumbet Rita Hart’s 196,841.

In New York’s 1st District, GOP incumbent Rep. Lee Zeldin leads with 61.3% of the vote to Democrat Nancy Goroff’s 38.7%, with 77% of the vote reported.

In New York’s 2nd district, GOP candidate Andrew Garbarino holds 56.4% of the vote to Democrat Jackie Gordon’s 42.6%, with 84% of the vote counted, although some vote-counters have assessed this as a Garbarino victory.

In New York’s 11th district, GOP challenger Nicole Malliotakis holds 57.9% of the vote to Democrat incumbent Max Rose’s 42.1%, with 85% of the vote counted.

In New York’s 22nd district, 92% of the vote is counted giving GOP challenger Claudia Tenney 50.4% of the vote to Democrat incumbent Anthony Brindisi’s 47.4%.

In New York’s 24th district, 92% of the votes have been counted giving GOP incumbent Rep. John Katko 57.4% of the vote to Democrat challenger Dana Balter’s 38.9%.

Without significant vote total changes, the Republicans will trail the Democrats in the House 222-213, meaning in the 2022 election, they would have to gain only five seats to be the majority.

During off-presidential election years, the party that is not in the White House gains on average a couple of dozen seats.

While the numbers give the slight majority to Democrats in the U.S. House, the Senate remains up in the air, pending January’s dual special elections for seats representing Georgia.

Both seats are pending there because of a state requirement that the winner get more than 50% of the vote.

The Senate already is determined to have 50 Republicans and 48 Democrats or independents who align with the Democrat Party. The Democrats must win both Georgia Senate races to tie the GOP, but they then would have a presumed Vice President Kamala Haris for tiebreakers. The GOP must win only a single Georgia seat to have a controlling majority.


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