Mission 3b — Write

by Aspen — ABCU|8 team

“Warriors with the journalist/writer specialty get information from a variety of sources and share it by writing, podcasting, or posting. Their goal is not to imitate a mainstream media anchor, but to offer something the Mockingbird media lacks: candor, truth, and analysis.” [1]

Writer-warriors come in many varieties. Some are inclined to present their ideas in writing, others orally. This mission may be for you, if you have some skill expressing yourself in words, AND you feel a powerful urge to communicate your thoughts to others.

Intake of current events is essential for a writer-warrior. Interacting with others around trending topics will refine and sharpen your opinions. But before writing or podcasting, you must detach from your information sources long enough to formulate your own thoughts. Turning away from the information flow is a very hard step for those accustomed to constantly consuming data, but it is essential! Give yourself enough space to shape your thoughts into cogent text. If you are writing factual material, remember the W’s: Who, What, Where, Why, When, hoW.

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What to Write or Talk About

That’s up to you! A real news ecosystem is diverse, not uniform. Expect incomplete data from several vantage points. Controversy is welcome when our disagreements are respectful and courteous. Naturally people with different backgrounds and life experiences will have differing opinions. Almost anything you are inspired to write about, needs to be written about! Topics from your direct personal experience are a great starting place. As you grow as a writer and pursue your interests, focus areas will emerge.

Where to Publish

To determine if the Writer-warrior mission is a fit, try your hand at writing short fact or opinion posts on forums, imageboards, or sites that permit commenting. Survey websites that deliver real news and pick a few. Learn about their editorial standards. Is there a maximum length? Style guidelines? How often do they publish? Are submissions accepted? Can you use a pseudonym? Are independent writers paid?

Consider the American Broadcasting CommUnity. ABCU|8 intends to create a better source of news than mainstream media outlets provide. It seeks to place YOUR VOICE back into the narrative. [2] Submissions are welcome.

For podcasting, consider the Tiger Network [3]. It also supports free speech. Streamers can livestream to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and more streaming sites at once, or upload videos. Guidance on livestreaming software is provided. [4]

The Writing Process

It is useful to divide the development of an article or podcast outline into two phases: a creative phase and a refinement phase. Experienced writers do this instinctively, but the technique can be learned.

In the creation phase, give yourself broad latitude to think or imagine anything! Jot down notes or ideas. Read or listen to inputs related to the topic. In this phase, you must suspend judgment. Do not attempt to evaluate “This is good; this is bad.” The more concepts you juxtapose in a disorganized heap, the more creative you become! This is a very important secret.

In the refinement phase, narrow the scope by selecting specific ideas to include or exclude. Consider the target audience, what order to present your ideas, article length, and similar criteria. You either draft an outline, or start writing sentences and paragraphs. The article takes shape.

Now take a second pass. Re-read sentences and find ways to improve them. Use a thesaurus [5] to select better synonyms for stale words: sometimes viewing word suggestions leads to developments you had not considered! Ensure that the ideas are presented in the right order. Simplify awkward or wordy sentences. Most word processors offer options to check spelling and grammar. Double-check citations and footnotes for accuracy.

Continuous Improvement

Practice continually improves a writer’s skill. Review your last post or article. Be honest: would you say it that way again, with what you know now? What reactions did you get? Was something misunderstood? Or did lights go on in people’s heads—you succeeded in communicating?

Decide on your personal goal, and set a firm intention to achieve it. Be persistent! If you take a small step toward the goal each day, you will get there. What if you managed yourself like a business? You would measure your progress against set expectations, and evaluate yourself objectively, considering feedback from others. If some skills need improvement, you would backtrack and and execute a plan to fix them.


Above all, never, ever, ever, give up!


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