Arizona Election Fraud Hearing – Nov. 30, 2020

VIDEO FROM Right Side Broadcasting Network

Arizona Election Fraud Hearing – Nov. 30, 2020

by Anon – for ABCU|8

During today’s election fraud hearing by a committee of Arizona state legislators [1], witness observations that put the “official” vote count into question included:

1. No chain of custody for machines, ballots, partial counts on hard drives and USB memory sticks

2. Voters made to use Sharpie markers, causing ballot read errors by the optical scanner; this diverted ballots into an adjudication file that was subject to manipulation by Dominion employees, hackers, and corrupt election officials

3. Dominion employees tinkering with the machines during the vote

4. Dominion machines WERE internet connected; a witness documented physical cables. Machines were reporting vote totals to news organizations, proof positive of internet connection. Any machine could have had a cellular modem surreptitiously inserted for internet connectivity.

5. Fractional voting. Our requirement of one person, one vote means that vote totals should be integers, not floating point (decimal) numbers.

6. All the machines, tabulators, and adjudicators were all interconnected (cabled together providing data connectivity) and were running Windows 10.

7. Mail ballots were separated from their envelopes in a separate room that Republican poll watchers were prevented from entering. No way to authenticate or audit these ballots once they are separated from signature envelopes.

8. Tabulation of write-in candidates was irregular

9. No watchers were allowed to enter the adjudication area where ballots that failed to scan were processed manually

10. Dr. Shiva’s expert witness curve-fitting statistics demonstrated that the only way he could fit the actual data to an algorithm was if Biden’s votes were multiplied by a factor of 130% and Trump’s votes were decreased accordingly.

11. A weighted-race feature documented in the user manual since 2002 provides a way for officials or those tampering with the election to weight votes (e.g. Biden = 130%).

12. The National Association of State Election Directors (a non-profit) funded by Murdoch et al. colluded, agreeing to destroy ballot images contrary to federal law which requires retention for 22 months for audit purposes. Destruction of ballot images would hide evidence that would show if the weighted race feature had been turned on.

13. A Dominion employee manually altered files when the file became too large, and took a hard drive out of the building with him, admitting there was no chain of custody for the file. This raises the possibility of human intervention in the process, such as lost or modified files.

14. Republican poll watchers were generally unable to make any meaningful observations. There were too few of them compared with the number of election workers (e.g. 1 observer for 110 election workers working at 55 tables).

15. Some new software was tested on live ballots during the election.

16. Trucks kept delivering ballots days after the election.

17. Military ballots arrived as PDF files that were printed, then manually transferred to ballots for scanning. The manual process was subject to corruption. Poll watchers were not able to examine any authenticating information for military ballots.

18. The original 50 criteria for signature verification were gradually reduced until no signature verification at all was required.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the witness testimony. But it is more than sufficient to declare the election results as not credible, and give the state legislature grounds to reject the governor’s and secretary of state’s premature certification.


[1] Arizona State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election,