by Defensor

We often hear our nation referred to as a democracy, having the generally understood meaning of rule by the people. Not that long ago, a different meaning of democracy was widely understood. Mob rule, which is more accurate, and one of the chief desires of the enemies of America. The mob is easily controlled by wealthy elitists, who use it as a fig leaf for their true desire, which is the restoration of open, autocratic rule. The useful idiots of the mob are mostly unaware that they are just an intermediate step in the elitist program, destined to be among the first dealt with when their purpose is finished.

The ancient Greeks used the word politeia to describe the politics of a region, the polity. At times, it was used in a more specific sense, i.e. the political efforts of the citizenry to usher policy making in the direction best suited to improve the lot of the common man, as well as the overall position of the city-state. This would seem to be a common sense approach, but it was novel because previously the politeia had been conducted to benefit the oligarchs only. In other words, what happened to a city or its inhabitants had been the private business of the moneyed interests. Sounds familiar, does it not?

It was this second, narrower meaning of politeia that the Romans later began to call res publica, meaning the public thing, or the public affair. From there, it was a short hop to arrive at our word republic. The great majority of Americans look at a map, and see the names of nations which have the word republic in their names, and do not mentally process what it actually means. They are saying that here, in this place, our affairs are ruled according to what best benefits the entire population. Yes, they make the claim, but many of them are republics in name only. In most, the money still has the power, concealed behind public structures of government.

Our Founders were highly educated men, well versed in the arguments of contemporary authors, writers who made intelligent arguments about the nature of man and the best way for the affairs of an entire people to be ruled. The selection of a republican form of government was made after much thought and discussion. A monarchy was not the answer, and neither was mob rule. Their deliberations correctly led them to a Constitutional Republic, a public thing operating within the strictures of a written constitution. Their great accomplishment was to write that constitution, and then obtain the consent of the states to make it the law of the land.

When asked what form of government the Founders had created, Franklin allegedly said, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Wise words from a wise man, indicating his understanding that a republic is only as good as the representatives who operate it, and by extension, only as good as the populace that selected those representatives. A people may only attain an overall “good” rating by adhering to a moral code. This code was understood to be The Ten Commandments, which were known by all, and believed to have been given by God for the spiritual guidance of mankind. It was in this context that The Constitution was birthed.

From the beginning, there were those who desired to evade legal restrictions, and therefore sought to subvert the system. These and their moral descendants have since been endeavoring to return to the old ways, with the nation’s affairs being conducted in service to the few, at the expense of the many. Their owned judges and public apologists have sought to twist the written words, while claiming that the Constitution is an anachronism. Now we have arrived at the great test. Will the document be destroyed, and the Republic overthrown? Traitors say yes, while Patriots say no. Traitors resent both God’s law and man’s law. Patriots embrace both, and are resolved to defend those words with strength and intelligence.