Stop the Steal Rally in Atlanta, Georgia with Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Vernon Jones, C.J. Pearson

Stop the Steal Rally in Atlanta, Georgia
with Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Vernon Jones, C.J. Pearson

December 2, 2020

Transcribed by Anon – ABCU|8

<Any errors in this best-effort transcript are mine, not the speakers’.>

…Lin Wood: I’m calling for non-violent civil disobedience. Go to Governor Kemp’s mansion and circle and blow your horns until he comes out and fixes this mess he created and then he can resign and then we can lock him up. <Crowd chants Lock Him Up!>

If you’re watching the mainstream news you’re watching lies. Stick with OAN and Newsmax, Epoch Times. This is a battle between good and evil, truth and lies.

Donald Trump won a massive landslide.

We the People run this country. The country belongs to the People.

<Holds up Bible>. I asked Kemp and Raffensperger to swear on this Bible that they did not take money from China, and they will not swear it. Because that would be perjury.

Sidney Powell: I grew up in the 50s when you could walk to school safely and have friends. There was no divisiveness in this country. Real Americans are not defined by color, they are defined by their love of freedom, liberty, and justice for all. These are American values: God, family, and country. Values we must return to now. We will not allow our country to be influenced by Communists, Socialists, Dark Forces that come to impose their will on us. It’s time for every patriot to stand up, make our voices heard, be counted.

Any person in any public office – local, county, state, federal – works for you. You pay them, you are supposed to elect them with lawful votes. We still have massive vote fraud in this country, it took all forms, not just Dominion machines. It’s in the DNA of all the software in all the electronic voting systems that were used all over the country. The inexplicable spikes hundreds of thousands that came in 90% Biden, 10% Trump. It defies reality. You can’t flip a coin 300,000 times and have it always come up heads. Lots of people got cheated out of local races, congressional and senate seats too.

Georgia should not have a runoff using Dominion machines. Georgia, you should not vote until the vote is secure, regardless of your party. Our republic needs votes to be safe and secure. We need Voter ID and paper ballots signed and thumb printed. The system can even count votes by hand. What we’ve seen over the last 4 years in the USA has been unacceptable. What do you expect in Venezuela where Dominion and Smartmatic electronic voting systems were developed to help the brutal dictator Chavez win.

I wonder about our 3-letter agencies, what role they might have had in creating and distributing this software?

NC, VA, PA, voted solidly for Donald Trump. We need to flood Georgia’s legislators and secretary of state and governor with phone calls and letters. It’s your state and your country. They work for you.

Thank you for caring enough to be here today. <Crowd chants Thank You, Thank You!>

Our team, people working on this, nobody has been paid a dime yet. Lots of contributions are coming in to Defending the Republic [2], but we haven’t even had time yet to set it up to be able to write checks and pay anybody.

God bless you and God bless America!

Lin Wood: God bless Sidney Powell and God bless all the people here.

Our US Constitution makes clear, all the power belongs to the people. WE tell government what they can do. They do not control the people. We are going to circle the walls of Jericho and God Almighty is going to tear those walls down. You watch it happen!

Send a message to Bill Barr: Do your job! You work for us, Attorney General Barr, and you tell the FBI director “Do your job!” Investigate this fraud.

And tell the CIA director to get out of our country and don’t spy on Americans, don’t ever do it again!

Thank God for Donald Trump. God gave him the task to be president for 4 more years, you watch it happen. The people will not allow our country to be taken away. God will save us and he will use every one of you. The People are the rock like David and Goliath, the rock to slay the Communists and Liberals. Joe Biden will never set foot in the white house, you will never allow it to happen.

Vernon Jones: I love this country and I love Georgia. I’m a Georgia House representative and I took an oath to serve and protect the Constitution and the people of Georgia. We have an obligation to get all your questions answered. We need the governor to call a special session of the Georgia General Assembly. This is not some third-world country. I’m not doing this for Republicans, I’m doing it for every person in the state of Georgia. This is not partisan. You elected us, the constitution gives us authority to set election law, not the secretary of state. We have oversight to look at what Raffensperger did, it was not fair. It’s not about black and white and democrat and republican and libertarian, it’s about everybody. I don’t want to let my country go further left, no, we should back up!

Remember Dr. Martin Luther King. Some were killed to get us all the right to go vote.

You hire the politicians, they don’t hire you. Georgia has a history of battle – fight! Remember George Washington, General Patton. Fight and hold the line like Americans have done in every war we have ever been in. Georgia is the battleground state. Hold the line! <Crowd chants Hold the Line!>

Lin Wood: Where are Purdue and Loeffler? If they want your vote, they should demand a special session from Gov. Kemp. We cannot vote on Jan. 5 on another China voting machine. If they want our vote, they’ve got to demand publicly that Kemp call a special session. if they do not, they have not earned your vote. Why vote in another rigged election? We need to fix it before doing it again. There were (are preparing?) 800,000 (more?) absentee ballots. They stole the election from Doug Collins, he needs to fight too. The legislators must designate a slate of electors for Donald Trump, who we voted for. Then we need to have an entire down-ballot vote on January 5th.

They don’t have the power. Kemp will never get my vote again. Get out of that mansion and take Brad Raffensperger with you and Jeffrey Duncan. Go out and go quail hunting. You’re not doing the people’s will.

Maybe we need a new party. Look beyond democrat or republican. We need a party of the people <Crowd cheers> of American Patriots who love America. We won’t allow our country to be taken over by China. You don’t buy bullets from the enemy.

Sidney Powell and I want to answer your questions.

How about Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn 2024 – they will fight like Flynn! Vern Jones for governor? He will fight like Flynn! I see a patriot here, you should run for governor, take back your state.

I spoke with President Trump a few weeks ago. He called me. He knows he was elected. “If I knew I had lost, I’d concede.” But you won this election. America voted for you. You must stay in the White House.

I don’t want your money. I have been blessed with enough. If you want to contribute, you could support my foundation, #FightBack, [3] that I formed to defend the Constitution.

Can I tell a personal story? I was 16 years old. My mother died, my father was in prison, I didn’t have one damn dime. But I had fighting spirit to make it. I made it because America gave me the opportunity to succeed.

Don’t let anybody take it from us. It’s 1776 again, it’s our battle to fight for freedom. The battle starts here today.

God bless America!

C.J. Pearson: We love this country so much we will fight for it. They made a huge mistake. Biden – not in my America! They thought we were the party of Romney and McCain, that we would not fight. No. We are the party of Donald Trump. <Crowd cheers> We are courageous people who will fight for it. We are great by the activism of bold Americans like you. We have freedom because patriots fight for what we believe in. Fight for it you will too!

A Few of the Questions from the Audience

Q: What do you advise saying to people who think we’re crazy?

Lin Wood: Tell them there was only one perfect man, they thought he was crazy, but he wasn’t. His name was Jesus Christ.

Sidney Powell: These are difficult times. We have all lost friends, family, by insisting on the truth. The mainstream media is brainwashing people. Try having a calm, factual conversation. The MSM’s power to lie is overwhelming, if people won’t go to the original source. General Flynn’s Digital Soldiers have helped so much to bring truth. You can follow people on Twitter. Personal relationships that we’ve lost, keep loving them and sharing truth with them. I don’t know, there’s no easy answer.

Lin Wood: Tell them to turn off the TV. <Crowd cheers> Think for yourselves. Don’t accept any MSM lies. Go look up “color revolution”. That’s what’s happening. China is making their move. They need our land to grow their food. Keep your guard up, defend yourself. Within the bounds of the law, do whatever you can to fight for freedom.

Q: If the Dominion machines switched votes, why didn’t the hand recount show discrepancies?

Sidney Powell: Georgia did not do a full recount of ballots. They just sampled a few places. There was one country, where the vote was weighted 152% Biden to Trump 48% due to the machine. Ballots and envelopes and evidence are being destroyed and shredded. It’s not possible to do a recount. They did a software update in Fulton County, destroying evidence. They know they’re caught. The machines were built to alter the audit trail. A recount must count every ballot and envelope.

Lin Wood: If you sent any money to the Republican party in Georgia, or nationally, why are the Republicans not up here fighting for Donald Trump?

Q: What about incorporated companies that Brad Raffensperger has?

Lin Wood: <long pause>. I know the law of defamation. The damn crooked FBI. OK, listen, Brian Kemp, Brad Raffensperger. I can state as a matter of fact that you are criminals. That you took money from Dominion and from China for COVID PPE. They won’t sue me because I’m telling the truth, I am right. You need to be in jail. Follow the money. Only the truth will set you free.

Q: How many here voted early in person? <Some hands raised.> I voted in Dunwoodie and what they did there was illegal. After I punched in my vote and the ballot was printed, the election worker looked at my QR code and told me which scanner to put it in based on the QR code. They are not allowed to look at your ballot. The Dominion manual teaches them how to delete batches of ballots.

Lin Wood: I never knew my vote was going to Canada, Barcelona, Venezuela, Frankfurt. The voting software is 75% owned by Communist China. We need to get back to simple voting. Iraq had a perfect election, they used fingerprints. He who has nothing to hide, hides nothing. Kemp and Raffensperger sold your vote to Communist China. Follow the money.

The President doesn’t take advice from me, but if he did, I’d like to tell him: Gina Haspell, director of the CIA, fire Gina Haspell yesterday! Fire FBI Director Chris Wray last week! The Deep State permeates the democrats, republicans. President Trump is fighting both. The only people helping Donald Trump and people like you and me. We know he loves the people. He decided to run because the people didn’t have representation. I know Donald Trump won over 410 electoral votes. He won damn near every state including California. He got over 80 million votes. We’re not going to let them steal our elections or our country. We will die before we let them steal our freedom. It is 1776 again–


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