by Defensor

Such a happy image of righteous victory. Masters of the Universe, flag draped defenders of the nation, concerned altruists setting a fine mask example for the citizens, vanquishers of the vile Orange Man, bringers of a bright and glorious future. Pretenders.

Who are the pretenders? All deep state apparatchiks. All foreign leaders who have congratulated Biden, including religious leaders and representatives of international bodies. Dark side controlled media of all flavors, including television and social media. The street level supporters. All of them pretending as if their lives depend on it, and this is true for some of them. These people have been pretending for a very long time, some of them for their entire lifetimes. The gig has been to act as if they believed in a place called America, and were obedient to its laws. Alongside this has been the pretense of being righteous, even as they violate God’s precepts.

The Great Pretenders

A salient characteristic of this failure has been the constant projection of their own failures onto those who have actually been holding the nation together, those who have righteously carried the nation on their backs, even as they were hounded by lesser individuals. Deplorables from flyover country, they snorted. Fundamentalists, they sneered at Bible believers. Yes indeed. We are conservatives, meaning we believe there are bedrock principles that were established as such due to merit, after long experience. Further, that those principles are worthy of defense, and that they are actually required to be defended if we are to avoid an inexorable descent into the pit of earthly hell.

Donald Trump’s 2016 entry onto the grand stage marked a new phase of pretense by the fakers. They told themselves that if they conducted themselves as if Trump had lost, things would actually work out that way. Not my President! Cheater, installed by the Russkies! Racist, idiot, fascist! This was the street level understanding of the propagandized (weak minded) believers, yet the level-up version of this delusion was reserved for their leaders. This entailed a formal plot to resist all aspects of a Trump Presidency, from their unmerited deep state positions within the government apparatus. Just think of Schumer braying about six ways to Sunday for the intelligence community to get someone.

It was understood within the ranks of the dark side leaders, that all they had ever held dear was riding on the ability to defeat Trump. Quickly, the low level sedition became a formal plot. The outline of the plot was (1) use fake media and phony politicians, and rally together to relentlessly attack anything the President says or does, (2) continue the Russia witch hunt behind the figurehead Mueller and his fake probe (which his Congressional testimony later proved his ignorance of basic aspects thereof), (3) impeach Trump on ludicrous charges, after several sinful, star chamber basement sessions, then insult the nation and world by actually arguing the false case with the desperate fury of madmen, (4) launch the do-or-die election stealing plan by unleashing a trivial pathogen and using fake media and scientists to build it up into something that might justify mail-in voting, (5) unleash their street demons on America, this being Antifa, BLM, etc., (6) arrange the election theft mechanics in detail, including several methods, (7) run an entirely fake series of primary votes, when the candidate had already been selected, (8) pretend with every ounce of strength that you won the election, and are preparing for regime transition, while (9) continuing to wear insulting masks, and clinging to the pretense that the impossible campaign platform was and is legitimate.

The theft attempt was obvious within hours. It was foreseen and prepared for by Trump’s people. Even 30% + of Democrat voters say it was stolen. It was a foolish plot, carried out by desperate, low-intelligence perpetrators. Now they are futilely pretending to themselves most of all, that they might somehow avoid exposure/justice, and that they might yet be rulers of the earth. A forlorn hope, destined to end in public punishment for many of them.