ELECTION IRREGULARITIES: Suitcases, Flash Drives and Dominion, Oh My!


Suitcases, Flash Drives and Dominion, Oh My!

by Aspen — ABCU|8 team

The November 3rd, 2020 general election was fraught with irregularities nationwide. Any of these alone is sufficient to cast doubt on results in the precinct where it occurred, and should prevent the state from certifying corrupted data. In combination, they demonstrate a pattern of systemic fraud that appears to have been coordinated and planned across numerous key sites — locales where the Left believed brazen election-stealing attempts would be overlooked or upheld by compromised local officials and judges.

Multiple witnesses testified to seeing ballots that “felt different”; they were printed on different paper. Some lacked serial numbers and return addresses. Others had the appearance of being identical, with filled-in ovals that appeared machine-printed. Yet others had never been folded and mailed. In some states there were reports of truckloads of ballots being delivered surreptitiously during the dead of night, after poll watchers had been dismissed. Postal workers have testified to being told by supervisors to back-date postmarks in order to make ineligible ballots appear timely. Some ballots were counted on a date earlier than their mailing date. Truckloads of ballots were identified crossing state lines and delivered to depots, after the election. The most basic precautions for physical security were flaunted in hundreds or thousands of precincts. Last-minute election procedures were illegally changed by the secretary of state’s fiat, contravening state election laws. Social workers illegally harvested votes from group homes and senior care centers during “play” voting activities. Votes were illegally cast by dead people and non-residents in quantities sufficient to overturn the results. Election officials waived state-mandated signature-matching requirements.

This list is not exhaustive.

Let’s examine several specific incidents.

— Shocking surveillance video was revealed at a hearing of the Georgia State Senate Oversight Committee on December 3, 2020. [1] President Trump was ahead of his opponent by 110,000 votes in Georgia on election night, when Fulton County (and other Democrat strongholds nationwide) suddenly stopped counting ballots. At 10:25 PM, poll watchers were told to leave the State Farm Arena tabulation center because of a “burst pipe”. But there was no burst pipe; it was a ruse to eject Republican and Independent poll watchers. The video reveals 4 election workers who stayed behind pulling suitcases of ballots out from under a tablecloth-draped table for tabulation. Who prepared these suitcases full of ballots? Were they legitimate votes? Why were they tabulated without the required oversight by poll workers from all parties?

— Adjudication is the process of manually inspecting ballots to ascertain the voter’s intent, for ballots that failed to scan. In this video a representative of Dominion Voting Systems in the Gwinnett County, GA Central Tabulation Room operates the batch adjudication system in a suspicious manner. At 1:20, the worker highlights a batch of ballots needing review. At 3:10 the worker performs a batch operation (either accepts or deletes) the entire selected list of ballots, WITHOUT REVIEWING. [2] This is a clear violation of state election law that deprived voters of their right to have their vote counted.

— The USB flash drives used in Dominion Voting Systems are unencrypted. They can be used to program machines with software changes. They can transfer vote tallies, ballot scans, and other data. In this video, two election workers converse and make eye contact, before the apparent handoff of a small item, suspected to be a USB flash drive, from the lady’s right hand to the man’s left hand, and then they walk off together. [3] The Gateway Pundit analyzes this suspicious activity in detail. [4]

Expert witness Ret. Col. Phil Waldron has testified to the Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan state legislatures that in secure military installations, USB ports must be disabled because of the high risk that USB flash drives pose as potential malware vectors, unauthorized software changes, or data theft. [5]

These are just a few of hundreds of incidents testified to before legislators in several states this week.

What should citizens do? We should spread information. Peacefully protest. Call and email the Governor and Secretary of State. Contact state legislators demanding answers. Remind state legislators that the U.S. Constitution gives THEM the power to reverse a corrupt election. Each state’s legislators has the power to take back authority delegated to a state governor or secretary of state, and reassert their constitutional power to designate a slate of electors that represents the actual will of the people they represent.


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