by Defensor

The Promise

We are born into the world of fallen men, and begin the struggle for meaningful survival. Across the vast planet we roam, in search of shelter from man and beast. We are nomads seeking sanctuary, with our eyes set upon an uncertain horizon, that place where destiny awaits us. We visualize that final spiritual outcome, populating it with images of rest and fulfillment, and wish to create something similar while in the flesh. Rest implies order, with order necessitating a framework of laws.

The Constitution is the reference authority for our American laws. We fight to uphold the primacy of the matchless document, fully aware that it contains contradictions. Constitutional originalists say the written words should be understood in the way the writers understood them. Others say it is a living document, with circumstances guiding interpretation. Yet another group says that both views are correct, said position holding that the original words must be earnestly interpreted via intelligent reason, while acknowledging that the world we inhabit contains things the Founders never imagined.

The Supreme Court was created to rule on Constitutional matters; that is its sole function. They have precedent as one of their guides, i.e. the rulings made by prior courts. However, the court can rule as it wishes, and we may ask if precedent should carry as much weight as it has in the past. Many would say they should not be bound by a decision that may have been incorrectly derived, or that seems unreasonable in the present circumstance. Such possible changes are in addition to entirely new rulings that may be passed down to address entirely new exigencies. Interpreting cases through focusing on The Constitution, while giving less weight to prior SC decisions, could very well lead to something like the Unitary Presidency, whereby The Chief Executive wields close to total control over The Executive Branch.

The powers of the three branches are delineated, but not set in stone. There are grey areas, where a branch may take a prerogative, and see what the other two branches say about it. What will The Legislative Branch or Judicial Branch do if they protest, and The Executive Branch just goes ahead with its preferred action anyway? What will the Legislative do if the other two are united against it? The system was designed to be wielded by people both intelligent and moral, people who would dutifully address issues like this in the way best suited to serve the interests of the nation and its citizens. The major things in life are never easy, and our intellectual leaders must be prepared to diligently examine each contest of law with integrity, to engage with these things like Jacob wrestling with the angel.

The Threat

Many are possessed by a rival vision, the opposite of our own. Reality only has room for one vision, so it is a zero sum game, a fight to the finish. The enemies of America intend to permanently destroy the Constitution, while plunging us into slavery and despair. Their vision has the dark pyramid of power openly installed as the permanent ruling institution over the entire planet. This scenario envisages the end of all nation states. Baked into the cake is a dystopian future, whereby the mass of mankind empirically understands what Hobbes meant by “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” In other words, hell on earth for us, but not for them.

These people want The Constitution erased, along with the citizen protections contained within The Bill of Rights. For example, they have long sought any possible way to destroy the Second Amendment, and disarm the people. Lately we have seen an all out assault on the First Amendment, with social media brazenly and shamelessly censoring free speech by patriots. They fully intend to disarm and silence us all. They expect to immediately open the borders, in effect ending the nation. All of this and much more, would occur during a frenzy of fake science, with citizens forced to be injected with deadly poisons, while worshiping on their knees before Climate Change. Private property in this scenario would be a thing of the past, and any remaining wealth would be taxed away from citizens. Freedom of religion for decent people would be a thing of the past, with the traitors making a dry run by closing churches while some businesses remained open.

For long years, the enemies of The Republic have attacked The Constitution by encouraging corrupt judges to make law from the bench, i.e. interpreting the written Constitution in ways that twist the true meaning beyond recognition, with each judicial outrage funneling the people one step closer to a dark future. Now their plan has been made clear, which is to pack the Supreme Court with criminally insane judges, destroying the judicial leg of the three branches. All of this is intended to be under the approving gaze of the U.N., which could be invited to bring “peacekeepers” into America to help subject the people to tyranny. Clearly, they intend for their anointed Chief Executive to forcefully assist in rounding up the decent folk. People like A. Schiff, and others, have declared that Trump supporters must be punished. Does anyone imagine that said punishment is expected to be mild? Their fondest dream is for an American Holodomor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holodomor

The Remedy

Patriots must stand firmly, holding the line against the forces of darkness. Everything depends on achieving victory. Defeat means degradation, death, and the erasure of all that we have ever been. Victory means a chance to live with dignity, in our own land, under our chosen form of government. We do not give them an inch. We dispute their lies. We physically prepare for trouble, in case it is forced upon us. We stand and deliver in every possible way. This is the time we were born for.

President Trump and his Team, backed up by tens of millions of patriots, must proceed immediately with further legal moves. The President has standing for certain, and if it is denied, then a massive signal has been given to all, that there is no law. The court must be starkly forced to choose between hearing a powerful case, or turning their backs on everything. This must occur rapidly, and in full sight of patriots. Either we have a nation with laws, or it is a terrifying jungle with every man for himself. Throckmorton must be enforced–fraud vitiates everything.


A dark and imminent threat stalks the land. Those who have used our own system against us by twisting its meaning, and are now attempting to destroy it totally, must be brought to account. These people know that they are committing treason, and if they do not, the responsibility lies with them. Just think about what they are doing. They know their side clearly cheated, and many of them actually support that vile act. Can these people ever be trusted again? They have betrayed their country and their fellow man. They have followed an evil Pied Piper, despite many warnings. Their hearts are full of ugly intention.

One issue that is about to come to the fore is whether The Constitution is the same under all circumstances. Is it always uniformly applied, or is it sometimes forced to temporarily morph into something different? Do we have an Emergency Constitution? https://www.amacad.org/sites/default/files/media/document/2018-12/Do%20We%20Have%20An%20Emergency%20Constitution.pdf The question has already been answered in the past, with Lincoln’s wartime actions being a prime example. The President must seriously consider declaring The Insurrection Act in effect. Arrests of traitors must be made, with firm justice to follow. After a state of domestic equilibrium is reached, firm steps must be taken to deal with foreign entities who assisted the all-out coup attempt, with the Executive Order of September 12, 2018 as a guide. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-imposing-certain-sanctions-event-foreign-interference-united-states-election/

Our adversaries are lawless, and honor no rules. There is no line they will refuse to cross. We follow the laws of God and higher-self man, for failure to do so would negate our intention, which is to crush the rogue entities with the force of the law. The law must prove itself capable of containing the vilest of men. We seek a reckoning that will be the bitterest of pills to the guilty, their judgment delivered by the very thing they detest and scorn the most. Our justification and vindication means their total earthly and spiritual defeat.