by Defensor

The ten bullet points below are the creation of Mike Adams at Natural News, which he calls ten ways for Trump to win. One might also call it ten ways that Trump claims the landslide win he already achieved. For the first seven, Trump needs no one else to do anything. He simply exercises Presidential power. For the last three, Trump does one thing, and another body does something else. In any event, Trump is in the driver’s seat. He has the power, he is 100% in the right, and and he is fighting for the existence of the American people.

1. Declassify everything. This instantly destroys the bad guys with multiple MOABs. Biden’s chicanery is exposed, and he concedes the race. Of course, many others would also be exposed as black hats, which is why the Deep State has fought declassification tooth and nail for four years.

2. Incoming Acting Attorney General Rosen recuses from the election mess, and incoming Assistant AG Donoghue names Sidney Powell as Special Counsel. She uses the mountain of evidence she possesses to make arrests all over the country. Remember, she said she was going to use the Kraken to nail every single bad guy. Donoghue has legal experience from the military side, the JAG. While Rosen is a cipher to this writer, Donoghue has history with Flynn, and they appear to be supportive allies.

3. Trump invokes the 14th Amendment, citing the equal protection under the law clause (honest voters disenfranchised by cheating). This allows the stripping of electoral votes from states considered to be in rebellion or insurrection vs. The United States, and dramatically changes the total votes available in the Electoral College. No one gets 270, and Trump wins by 232-227. It only goes to the House of Representatives for a state by state vote if they end up tied, and in this scenario they are not tied.

4. This is similar to number three, but from a different angle. As explained and suggested by Constitutional scholar Raiklin, V.P. Pence receives the official letters from the states, declaring their certified Electoral College results. He refuses to accept either Biden or Trump electoral slates from the six swing states with competing electoral lists of Presidential voters, citing legal uncertainty about the validity of the certification process at the state level. Other voices are being raised in this regard, also citing The Twelfth Amendment. The public is given evidence that backs up Pence’s action. Again, Trump takes it, 232-227. Pence may Constitutionally inform the states of any deficiency in their electoral processes on Wednesday, December 23, or the matter could wait until January 6.

5. Activate The Insurrection Act of 1807. The military seizes voting machines & conducts an honest recount. Trump wins easily. He went out of his way a couple of days ago to deny that martial law is being discussed. This is technically true, for the Insurrection Act does not create a situation of martial law. Why is this so? Because under The Insurrection Act, Habeas Corpus is not suspended as Lincoln did during The Civil War. The country remains under civil law, with the military being allowed to temporarily avoid Posse Comitatus Act restrictions, and follow orders to perform a specific mission on domestic soil.

6. The Executive Order of 9/12/18 is used to seize big tech and legacy media. These institutions are then used to tell the public the truth, at long last. Oh happy day, as millions of lazy, propagandized citizens see reality for maybe the first time in their lives. This lessens pressure on Congress, easing their path to doing the right thing on January 6. “Who is this new anchor telling me these things, and what is this Navarro Report?”

7. Present evidence of cyber warfare, and declare the election an act of war. Announce new elections under military guidance. Seditious actors could be arrested as enemy combatants, and face military tribunals. New elections across the board are an attractive alternative, for the enemy stole many down ballot offices while attempting the White House coup, despite being crushed in a general sense. This cannot be allowed to stand, as the composition of Congress has been compromised, as well as other governing bodies down to the local level. Beyond this, thinking people now understand that elections have been routinely rigged for decades. Sidney Powell has stated as much, and there is much investigative work to do.

8. Use The Emergency Alert System to communicate directly with the populace, thereby informing the public of true events, and incentivizing them to pressure Congress to vote for Trump electoral slates.

9. Convince state legislatures to revoke certification of illegal electoral slates, and certify Trump slates. This is already well underway, with the various public hearings that have been held in swing states. The truth is already known by anyone who took the trouble to watch even one of those hearings. There is no excuse for the Biden supporters who ignored these dynamite town-hall-type events, because the talking heads told them it was just Orange Man trying to steal the election.

10. Achieve a Supreme Court victory with Trump’s emergency Pennsylvania case, which would have effects reaching across the entire nation, because it would invalidate all votes that came in after midnight on November 3. This is quite exciting to think about, and nearly unthinkable that the SC would continue to ignore the dramatic and critical crisis besetting our power structure. How can they possibly turn their backs on the people, who are fighting for their lives and freedom? The Court must create space for the voluminous evidence to be heard, even as they validate their own existence. Still, if they do not, it may play into the use of bullet point number four. Pence and Team Trump would have every expectation of the SC continuing to remain out of the issue, refusing to hear frantic Democrat suits designed to force Pence to accept the fraudulent electoral votes. Oh, the amusing irony, the deeply satisfying schadenfreude.

We may add a few more points to the list.

11. A significant number of Congress people are legally and deservedly arrested, beneficially changing the composition of both Houses.

12. Mobilize The United States Militia, in its various forms, if it comes to that.

13. In addition to evidence of election fraud, release other damning information related to the enemies of The Republic. Drop the Weiner laptop, Seth Rich information, Hillary emails, more Hunter Biden information, etc. Come with John Durham indictments. Show taped confessions.

We can have confidence that The President et al. are going to do something, likely a powerful series of moves. This may be the grandest rope-a-dope of all time. The villainous traitors have thrown their best shots, and punched themselves out. Now it is our turn, and we are going to drive their exhausted selves across the ring, corner them, and pound them with a furious combination of power punches. Down they go, squealing and weeping. Let them contemplate this, know it is coming, and be sick with dread.

President Trump is our Commander, the greatest leader any of us have ever seen. He has accomplished the impossible for four years, in the face of constant, rabid attacks by truly evil people. Now the moment of truth has arrived, and we need his leadership more than ever. We are actually desperate for that leadership, for he is indispensable as the greatest battle of our lives comes to a decision point. Having watched him closely for a number of years, it is inconceivable that he would decline to lead us as we fight the good fight for our families, the nation, the world, and our Lord. Millions see the fate that the dark side forces desire for us, intend to resist it unto death, and look to the President’s proven and excellent stewardship to guide us through the great battle, to ultimate victory.