Half chan DJT is still President

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This is a double edged sword, anons. Pay attention.

1. Mask mandates would be Trump.
2. School and Rec closures would be Trump.
3. Businesses failing due to regulations would be Trump.
4. Trafficking networks getting ginned up again would be Trump.
5. People losing their livelihoods and lives would be Trump.
6. People dying because of lack of “right to try” or being able to doctor shop (think Universal health care?) would be Trump.

You anons do understand that if there is a “Shadow Presidency”, then to make Biden look like an utter fool, Pres. Trump would have to let Biden get away with everything… under President Trump’s control. Think. Is this the reality we want to live in while Biden and co. have 4 years to nearly destroy what’s left of the last Republic on the planet?

I’m not saying it’s not so. I’m saying it’s a big pill even for weathered anons.

Source: 8kun Notables, Half chan DJT is still President