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The initial shitshow was not even done on “castle rock” which was meant to be a HINT at “production” rather than taken literally….they did BETTER in the tided up version but a blind man can see the difference between the initial “signing” and the tidied up version which actually has set lights in the reflection.

See that “anons may have found something?” post..that was made by either a retard or a muddy waters op.”

Castle ROCK is a fucking HINT….not “literal”. It was meant to aim you in the right direction.

KEK my fav “tidy up” was my LOL comment on the INITIAL EO signing and the INITIAL official WH video….ironically a commie, Chavez. sniffing the flag of freedom. They tidied up even the first vidya. SEE the difference in Chavez’s placement in quoted post versus this version?

LOLOLOL they even edited out the “walking man”. Sad.

Too bad they didn’t shoop in the “diet coke button” or another box of pens. KEK…one pen for each EO you retards.

1. real initial presser in “oval office” with so many fuckups and KEKEK walking man that they
2. edited that version and sent out the muddy water “anons” to shift your focus. IT FUCKING WORKED. stop being retarded.
3. media immediately posted glowing stories about how Biden’s remodeled the OO. Really? so fast?
4. Aaaand the next day? they put out another version……and this time the set lights showed.

These people?stupid.

They literally tried to cover up Joe’s missing box by claiming it was Trump’s diet coke ordering button.

Source: 8kun Notables, REFLECTIONS matter