Vatican dark, Pope out of sight and comms about poor dead “Edwin” 46

No pun intended.

Ailing pope, reducing appearances, prays for homeless dead

“VATICAN CITY (AP) — Ailing Pope Francis, who this week is making limited public appearances due to persistent pain, has drawn attention to the plight of homeless people in winter, including a Nigerian man who froze to death near the Vatican.

Francis on Sunday asked for prayers for the 46-year-old man named Edwin who he said was “ignored by all, abandoned, even by us.” The pontiff said on Jan. 20 “a few meters away from St. Peter’s Square, because of the cold, a Nigerian homeless man was found dead.” Early last week, temperatures in Rome dropped below freezing at night.

A day after the Vatican said that Francis, 84, was suffering again from sciatica, a nerve inflammation that can affect the lower back and legs, the pope skipped a scheduled Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica. But he appeared in the Apostolic Palace library to give his blessing and offer remarks about the Gospel and about the plight of those with no home.

Edwin’s case “gets added to those of so many other homeless people, recently deceased in Rome in the same dramatic circumstances,” Francis said. “Let’s pray for Edwin.” “

Source: 8kun Notables, Vatican dark, Pope out of sight and comms about poor dead “Edwin” 46