Asia Argento Accuses ‘xXx’ Director Rob Cohen of Sexual Assault

Italian actress Asia Argento has accused The Fast and the Furious and xXx director Rob Cohen of sexual assault.

In an interview with Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, Argento said that while filming the 2002 film xXx opposite Vin Diesel, Cohen abused her.

“It’s the first time I’m talking about Cohen,” Argento told the outlet. “He abused me by making me drink GHB, he had a bottle of it,” she said, referring to the anesthetic commonly referred to as the date rape drug. “At the time, I honestly didn’t know what it was. I woke up in the morning naked in his bed.”

She noted that her accusations against Cohen will be detailed in her upcoming autobiography Anatomy of a Wild Heart, which will be released in Italy on Jan. 26. Argento was one of the first to publicly accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault.

Reps for Argento and Cohen have not responded to The Hollywood Reporter’s request for comment.

Argento’s allegations against Cohen are not the first time the director has been at the center of accusations. Cohen was accused of sexual assault, according to a 2019 Huffington Post report, by an alleged victim given the name “Jane” to protect her anonymity. The alleged victim says the helmer assaulted her in 2015 when she was unconscious. The reported assault took place after Cohen invited Jane to a business meeting in Manhattan to discuss collaborating on a TV pilot.

Cohen’s lawyer Martin Singer responded to the accusations, writing to HuffPost in a 13-page letter: “The proposed story is an outrageous defamatory hit piece, making extraordinarily offensive assertions that my client engaged in heinous sexual misconduct, criminal wrongdoing, and other inappropriate behavior, which are vehemently disputed and denied by my client.”

In 2019, the eldest child of the director accused him of sexual assault in a public Facebook post. In an interview with THR, Valkyrie Weather said she mostly remembered the pain, “the memory of the place and time, just being there, in the bath” and said, “it was so painful that I couldn’t verbalize it for a long time.” She also disclosed that her mother, Cohen’s first wife, Diana Mitzner, witnessed one of the alleged assaults, who confirmed in a separate interview with THR.

Cohen denied the claim, calling it “categorically untrue.”

Meanwhile Argento was accused of sexual assault in 2018 by actor and musician Jimmy Bennett. Bennett claims that a then 37-year-old Argento assaulted him in a California hotel in 2013, only two months past his 17th birthday. The age of consent in California is 18. In a statement, she denied the assault allegation. According to a 2019 report by The New York Times, Argento reached a financial settlement with Bennett, paying him $380,000 with then late boyfriend Anthony Bourdain.

(((Rob Cohen))) (((Martin Singer)))

Can’t remember which film, but supposedly, there’s a picture of his junk that was put in a movie as part of whatever deal he made to be in the position he was in. I suppose getting in good with Sony meant you got to make him happy, which probably wasn’t as bad as getting dicked down by other execs.

Source: 8kun Notables, Asia Argento Accuses ‘xXx’ Director Rob Cohen of Sexual Assault

Mar-A-Lago Diggs

I an attempt to make sense of things since Jan 20, I have been reading but not saving or posting my findings.
I started digging on Mara Lago and found interesting this. NOTE Trumps motorcade was stalled arriving there and arrived at noon or a minute later???
Mara Lago was donated to the US Government to be used as a Winter White House.
It was never used for that purpose and fell into disrepair so the GSA returned the hpuse to the heirs of the Woman who donated it.
They put itup for sale for 20 Mil and Trump offered them 15 Mil. They denied the offer and let it on the market allwin git to further deteriorate.
Trump bought the property next door for 2 Mil and squeezed them.
They ended up selling him Mara Lago for 7 Mil because nobody wanted to buy it and it fell into deep disrepair.
Trump got it deemed historical and placed in to National Parks authority
Trump used it plenty in his early presidency. He condcted every act a President would do at that location. He additionally expanded the use for not just Winter but year round in these Presidential acts.
He called it the Winter White House at first then called it the Southern White House.

Digging into Doral he bought it from bankruptcy Court from bankers ( I think those who form the corp of DC needs digging on)

Trump DC Tower is different. He bought Lease from GSA after they closed it. Tracking it’s history, It is the main Post Office branch and it’s authority was taken out of PA and moved to DC, then closed. Trump bought it in 2012 in a hard fought battle.He bought a lease. Nacy freaked out that he is trying to sell it. She wants control of the sale to approve a buyer so she can be sure they can afford the 250K a month lease and not go bankrupt.
The sale has been halted and Broker quit.
For some reason Trump wanted control of the Main Post Office and now no longer has aneed for it.

Just to add a little sauce to your findings.

Mar-a-Lago (/ˌmɑːrəˈlɑːɡoʊ/) is a resort and national historic landmark in Palm Beach, Florida, built from 1924 to 1927 by cereal-company heiress and socialite Marjorie Merriweather Post. The 126-room, 62,500-square-foot (5,810 m2)[4] mansion since 1995 contains the Mar-a-Lago Club, a members-only club with guest rooms, a spa, and other hotel-style amenities. It is located in Palm Beach County on the Palm Beach barrier island, with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway to the west.

At the time of her death in 1973, Post bequeathed the property to the National Park Service, hoping it could be used for state visits or as a Winter White House, but because the costs of maintaining the property exceeded the funds provided by Post, and it was difficult to secure the facility (as it is located in the flight path of Palm Beach Airport), the property was returned to the Post Foundation by an Act of Congress in 1981.[5]

In 1985, Mar-a-Lago was purchased by Donald Trump for around $10 million. His family maintains private quarters in a separate, closed-off area of the house and grounds.[6] Trump frequently visited there during his tenure as President of the United States,[7] referring to it as the Winter White House and his “Southern White House”. After Trump became president in January 2017, Mar-a-Lago was used to host meetings for international leaders, including Japanese prime minister Shinzō Abe and Chinese president Xi Jinping. In September 2019, Mar-a-Lago became the primary residence for Donald and Melania Trump, who previously held primary residence in New York City, in spite of a legal agreement Trump signed in the early 1990s that converted the estate from a private residence to a private club.

There is some good digs here. CNN looks to me as trying to bash trump and the Mar a lago. Is this simply because Trump is there or is there more to this?

New York (CNN Business)Many once-loyal members of Mar-a-Lago are leaving because they no longer want to have any connection to former President Donald Trump, according to the author of the definitive book about the resort.
“It’s a very dispirited place,” Laurence Leamer, historian and author of “Mar-a-Lago: Inside the Gates of Power at Donald Trump’s Presidential Palace,” told MSNBC host Alex Witt on “Weekends with Alex Witt” Saturday. He said members are “not concerned about politics and they said the food is no good.”
Leamer said he spoke to a number of former members who “silently walked out” after Trump left office.

Source: 8kun Notables, Mar-A-Lago Diggs

Half chan DJT is still President

Can’t enlarge the Ones I posted.

What’s the deal with not being able to enlarge

This is a double edged sword, anons. Pay attention.

1. Mask mandates would be Trump.
2. School and Rec closures would be Trump.
3. Businesses failing due to regulations would be Trump.
4. Trafficking networks getting ginned up again would be Trump.
5. People losing their livelihoods and lives would be Trump.
6. People dying because of lack of “right to try” or being able to doctor shop (think Universal health care?) would be Trump.

You anons do understand that if there is a “Shadow Presidency”, then to make Biden look like an utter fool, Pres. Trump would have to let Biden get away with everything… under President Trump’s control. Think. Is this the reality we want to live in while Biden and co. have 4 years to nearly destroy what’s left of the last Republic on the planet?

I’m not saying it’s not so. I’m saying it’s a big pill even for weathered anons.

Source: 8kun Notables, Half chan DJT is still President

@DeptofDefense 50th formation. USS Mount Whitney, forward-deployed location of Gaeta, Italy

50th formation.
USS Mount Whitney, the flagship for @USNavyEurope, celebrates its 50th anniversary near its forward-deployed location of Gaeta, Italy.


Source: 8kun Notables, @DeptofDefense 50th formation. USS Mount Whitney, forward-deployed location of Gaeta, Italy

The biggest damn clue in your face is if China Joe is president, why are the blackhats still here?

Were you paying attention on from the 6th to the 21st? Why do you need overt coms? Still programmed to be told? Gotta deprogram….I am, in fact somewhat devastated that all the “right” who claim to know the law, protocols, procedures, actually don’t or there’d not be a second of fear, anxiety, misery.

Don’t you dare get upset or mad when you finally have i spoonfed to you so you can feel comfy. Just consider POTUS a father, disciplining you for STILL, despite everything, (IE MSM) dependent on someone else to tell you what the “picture” means.


NO, Enjoy some liberal tears.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”..GOLDEN RULE…kek…so have some golden salt. I get that there are programmed NPCs on both sides….that means everyone has to UNPLUG and start using their EYES and…brain. You say you think for yourselves and are better than the left….and here you are begging for coms. (this is why con-artists like Juan, Simon, et al are making fucking bank here.) KEK POTUS, keep up the game—the PAYtriots….regrouped after their massive FAIL (I LOL’d hard).

People here calling themselves PATRIOTS and do not even know the laws and protocols of our great nation. Sad. VERY fucking sad.

but HOLY shit–the biggest damn clue in your face is if China Joe is president, why are the blackhats still here?

Source: 8kun Notables, The biggest damn clue in your face is if China Joe is president, why are the blackhats still here?

George Conway hands Biden's DOJ a roadmap to make sure Trump ends up in jail



Link for post

Source: 8kun Notables, George Conway hands Biden’s DOJ a roadmap to make sure Trump ends up in jail

Harry Reid 'not particularly optimistic' Biden will push to eliminate filibuster
Harry Reid ‘not particularly optimistic’ Biden will push to eliminate filibuster

BY JOHN BOWDEN – 01/24/21 03:40 PM EST

The Hill
Sen. Chuck Schumer: “Mitch McConnell will not dictate to the Senate what we should do and how we should proceed. McConnell is no longer the majority leader.”
6:16 PM · Jan 24, 2021

Source: 8kun Notables, Harry Reid ‘not particularly optimistic’ Biden will push to eliminate filibuster


lb repost


The initial shitshow was not even done on “castle rock” which was meant to be a HINT at “production” rather than taken literally….they did BETTER in the tided up version but a blind man can see the difference between the initial “signing” and the tidied up version which actually has set lights in the reflection.

See that “anons may have found something?” post..that was made by either a retard or a muddy waters op.”

Castle ROCK is a fucking HINT….not “literal”. It was meant to aim you in the right direction.

KEK my fav “tidy up” was my LOL comment on the INITIAL EO signing and the INITIAL official WH video….ironically a commie, Chavez. sniffing the flag of freedom. They tidied up even the first vidya. SEE the difference in Chavez’s placement in quoted post versus this version?

LOLOLOL they even edited out the “walking man”. Sad.

Too bad they didn’t shoop in the “diet coke button” or another box of pens. KEK…one pen for each EO you retards.

1. real initial presser in “oval office” with so many fuckups and KEKEK walking man that they
2. edited that version and sent out the muddy water “anons” to shift your focus. IT FUCKING WORKED. stop being retarded.
3. media immediately posted glowing stories about how Biden’s remodeled the OO. Really? so fast?
4. Aaaand the next day? they put out another version……and this time the set lights showed.

These people?stupid.

They literally tried to cover up Joe’s missing box by claiming it was Trump’s diet coke ordering button.

Source: 8kun Notables, REFLECTIONS matter

Mexico’s President has just tested positive for #COVID19

Mexican President Says Got Infected With Coronavirus, Showing Mild Symptoms

“I regret to inform you that I am infected with COVID-19. The symptoms are mild but I am already under medical treatment. As always, I am optimistic. We will all move forward,” the president said on Twitter on Sunday.

Lamento informarles que estoy contagiado de COVID-19. Los síntomas son leves pero ya estoy en tratamiento médico. Como siempre, soy optimista. Saldremos adelante todos. Me representará la Dra. Olga Sánchez Cordero en las mañaneras para informar como lo hacemos todos los días.
— Andrés Manuel (@lopezobrador_) January 25, 2021

Source: 8kun Notables, Mexico’s President has just tested positive for #COVID19

Joe Biden Removing Sunshine Laws

Joe Biden Removing Sunshine Laws
>By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered that:

>Section 1. Policy. It is the policy of my Administration to use available tools to confront the urgent challenges facing the Nation, including the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, economic recovery, racial justice, and climate change. To tackle these challenges effectively, executive departments and agencies (agencies) must be equipped with the flexibility to use robust regulatory action to address national priorities. This order revokes harmful policies and directives that threaten to frustrate the Federal Government’s ability to confront these problems, and empowers agencies to use appropriate regulatory tools to achieve these goals.

>Sec. 2. Revocation of Orders. Executive Order 13771 of January 30, 2017 (Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs), Executive Order 13777 of February 24, 2017 (Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda), Executive Order 13875 of June 14, 2019 (Evaluating and Improving the Utility of Federal Advisory Committees), Executive Order 13891 of October 9, 2019 (Promoting the Rule of Law Through Improved Agency Guidance Documents), Executive Order 13892 of October 9, 2019 (Promoting the Rule of Law Through Transparency and Fairness in Civil Administrative Enforcement and Adjudication), and Executive Order 13893 of October 10, 2019 (Increasing Government Accountability for Administrative Actions by Reinvigorating Administrative PAYGO), are hereby revoked.

I’m surprised this isn’t in the news anywhere, the White House no longer has to publish executive orders or provide an explanation behind their policies and procedures, supposedly to fight racial injustice, the downward economy, and climate change.

Source: 8kun Notables, Joe Biden Removing Sunshine Laws

"He Has Sold Us Out" – Mobs Of Farmers Swarm New Delhi Protesting Modi's New Ag Reforms

“He Has Sold Us Out” – Mobs Of Farmers Swarm New Delhi Protesting Modi’s New Ag Reforms

An angry mob of farmers, some on tractors and others marching in rank and file, are expected to enter India’s capital of New Delhi to protest unfair farming legislation passed several months ago.

New Delhi Police will allow more than 12,000 farmers on tractors to enter the capital city this week to demonstrate, a senior official told Reuters.

Farmers have been outraged with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s farming law passed late last year. Many mom and pop farmers allege the law favors big corporations.

In late September, crowds of farmers were spotted across multiple cities, protesting ahead of the signing of farm legislation by the Modi administration that would end the government’s programs to keep commodity prices at fixed levels, therefore allowing free markets to dictate prices.

At the time, Modi said the new farming law would “completely transform the agriculture sector” and empower “tens of millions of farmers” while driving much-needed investments and modernization efforts in the industry.

For months, farmers have been organizing against Modi and the corporations that control him, according to OffGuardian.

OffGuardian, quoting one Indian farmer, said:

“Corporates invested in Modi before the election and brought him to power. He has sold out and is an agent of Ambani and Adani. He is unable to repeal the bills because his owners will scold him. He is trapped. But we are not backing down either.”

Farmers are afraid that corporations will crush crop prices and leave them with little profits.

Months later, and with some farmers camping on the capital’s outskirts in protest of the new law, the growing opposition parties and farmers’ unions will finally get their say this week.

Here are the farmers heading to New Delhi.

Source: 8kun Notables, “He Has Sold Us Out” – Mobs Of Farmers Swarm New Delhi Protesting Modi’s New Ag Reforms

More commie purging on the way: Lawmakers move to oust extremists from military

More commie purging on the way:

Lawmakers move to oust extremists from military.

“Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.), a former national security specialist at the Pentagon, introduced a bill this past week that would prevent anyone who took part in the insurrection, as well as followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory, from obtaining or keeping a federal security clearance.”

The legislation, known as the Security Clearance Improvement Act of 2021, requires an applicant seeking to get or renew their federal security clearance to disclose if they participated in the Jan. 6 event or if they “knowingly engaged in activities conducted by an organization or movement – like QAnon – that spreads conspiracy theories and false information about the U.S. government,” according to a statement from Murphy’s office.

Lawmakers are taking matters into their own hands to prevent white supremacists and other extremists from joining and remaining in the military.

No patriots allowed.

Source: 8kun Notables, More commie purging on the way: Lawmakers move to oust extremists from military